Monday, October 29, 2007

Busy - and a spooky story

Listening to my best of Pet Shop Boys cd – love it. I’m still without my mp3 player, which is irritating the hell out of me. What have I done with it? The worst thing is that I can remember putting it somewhere and thinking, “that’s a strange place to put that, I hope I don’t forget doing this…”

I’m in slight mourning as I have just found out that the gasp-worthy Horse is playing Brighton in December, on the night we have a big family meal arranged. So I can’t go. Boo-hoo, screamy tantrum, etc.

We’ve had (well, are still having) a manic day here. There have been two home ed groups (one with mad Halloween activity), two meetings for D, a visit to grandmothers (L), Woodcraft (L), a massive delivery of food to be put away - and other stuff. Oh, and it is now only a week until the builders start. So, I thought it was probably urgent to blog.

Dani’s afternoon meeting was with Hedline and some high ups at the council. This was pretty encouraging and it is to be hoped that they read the 30 page dossier we made that details horrendous experiences (of ten families) at the hands of various local authority employees. They seem to finally understand the need for proper consultation and a Trust-wide policy. Fingers crossed for us please. Trying to affect the workings of local government is rather like wading through treacle – thick treacle laden with assumptions…

Leo wrote a fab spooky story at the weekend, which he read out at MMs today. The wonderful A read out others too – and it was very spooky in the sports hall by pumpkin lantern light.

Here it is – it deserves a wider readership. As usual, all spelling and punctuation is as per the original. He wrote this alone in his room at his desk, just like a real home educated child should (wink, wink) spend every day.

It was a dark and stormy night. The wind blew a map from a window. The map slid down a well into the 4th dimension… The next evening there was an article about a boy missing and a dug up graveyard… Earlier that week a boy was on a trip with his family to a cottage beside a graveyard but when the car slid in the rain the boy fell out of the car window and fell into a deep watery well and drowned. The boy was never seen again. Forwards in time. About 20 years after the boy died there was a low rustling under the cottage (yes that very cottage.) Then in the graveyard a skeletal hand pushed itself up in front of the gravestone and then an arm. After about 20 minutes a sticky-old-gooey-decayed body of a boy was standing there. After two nights and six days there was an army of those bodys. They hid under that cottage and slid through a portal to hell. But we shall call it the 4th dimension. They were stealing living humans for their ranks and squads. They dug a network of tunnells all over the village. They built up their ranks and mustered them and they dug a long tunnel to the Greenwick graveyard 20 miles away. By January 23 thousand swarms hit a body. They had struck another plague pit. All the more bodies for them. But one body never came back from that dig. The body of the owner of that cottage. Sir Walter Hellcraft. He was the great grandfather of Paul Hellcraft. The boy who fell down the well.

I think this is a fab story. What I love is the way that Leo writes in an appropriate style for his theme, even if the plot is tricky at times.

Pearlie writes beautifully too. I feel the need to say this as, in case any of you are not aware, it is important to be utterly FAIR. This is a big theme in our house at the mo!


a said...

Leo - I really enjoyed hearing your story and it's great to see it here too. Thanks very much for your contribution!
Allie - We really enjoyed MMs party today, thanks for everything you do there.

Liza said...

That is a fabby story, I'm so glad you posted it here cos I missed a few crucial bits when he read it out. Well done Leo!!

and I agree it is important to be utterly fair, maybe Pearlie should post one of her stories so that we can see how fabby she is too :)

Fingers are crossed that those assumption filled government bods get covered in treacle :wink:
Meeting sounds positive so well done Dani and the rest of hedline.

and yes blogging is always top priority!

oh and my "real home educated child" prefers to lie on the floor when writing. he doesnt do tables!

Fiona said...

Enthralling story from Leo there. Lots of those old ghost stories were written as though they were going to be read aloud, weren't they eg MR James.

Nic said...

It is a great story - and Leo did it massive justice with his ace delivery at MMs. Despite struggling to see it with just the light of a pumpkin he managed to read it with real feeling and passion - dropping his voice to draw in his audience for spooky bits, adding tension with his timing and tone and generally giving a real performance. I was very impressed :).

Glad the Hedline meeting went ok - hope more of the crap was chipped away by it.

And echoing Ali's thanks for all you do at MM :).

Allie said...

Thanks A and Nic. I don't really deserve any thanks for the great session yesterday. Keeping my mouth shut rather more and doing less myself was the magic recipe for that busy session!