Thursday, October 11, 2007

Catching up

I’ve been a bit pre-occupied of late owing to an un-bloggable extended family worry. I’ve missed loads I want to blog about but I think this will have to be a quick catch up post.

Tuesday it peed with rain. Leo slept until 10am - late night reading catching up with him. Pearlie and I looked at a maths book about negative numbers. Then she set to on Club Penguin, where she is working hard to save enough for an igloo upgrade. Leo did some drawing. It was very pleasant and companionable.

The kids had another great Squeezebox session.

When we got home, Pearlie and I watched one of our Mrs Bradley mysteries. This was highly educational as the plot involved the scandalous nature of lesbian relationships in late 1920s England. It also touched on illegitimacy and ‘saucy’ postcards. Lawks! Pearlie found the whole thing quite amusing, I think. ‘Twas a good plot – hypnosis and heart attck induced by spider phobia! Leo was busy playing in his room.

In the evening, I took Pearlie swimming. Dani and Leo spent some time together, making a paper model of K9. Leo has lots of these lovely paper models. I like them but they are very delicate and are dust traps in his room. I reckon he needs a glass display case to put them in!

P really needs to move up a group at swimming as she keeps bumping into the person ahead of her – especially when she’s doing backstroke. Unfortunately, the next group up is still full.

The kids and I went to a free educational film showing on Wednesday morning. It was a film all about the Earth – lots of cute animals and time lapse images of plants growing. I expected the cinema to be a bit noisy and it was. I don’t mind the odd comment about the film but when the group of kids beside me started talking, in loud voices, about star wars toys then I did point out that they could leave if they didn’t want to watch… Sadly, they were home ed kids – though I’ve no idea where their adults were. They seemed to have popped them into their seats and disappeared. Perhaps they went to sit somewhere quieter to watch the film! The kids were eleven (ish), which I gathered from their discussion of birthdays (!), and I was a bit disappointed that it hadn’t occurred to them that it was rude to talk constantly. A small friend a few seats away did a far better job of concentrating on the film than they managed!

I posted the kids off the bus to Dani, who was waiting at the bus stop. Then I went on to work.

Dani and the kids went to the library and then on to capoeira.

Some other little things have been happening, which have failed to make the blog.

Pearlie asked Dani to help her understand something about proof by contradiction that her grandfather had sent her in the post. They were deep in this when I got home from work one night!

Leo is reading so much that I began to suspect that he was aiming for a quantity of books It turned out that he was attempting to read more books in a week than Perfect Peter from the Horrid Henry books. I think it was nine books…

Anyway, here’s a couple of photos.

Pearlie's weaving - Dani's method but work by P.

A battle between the witches and the lizard creatures.


Gill said...

Love the weaving and the picture. Hope your family stuff works out ok.

Liza said...

Hugs for the family stuff xx

Grrr at kids talking in the cinema. the occassional whispered comment or question on the film is to be expected, but discussing star wars and birthdays would pee me right off!
we wanted to see that one but it clashed with kids club, tho after a crap session we wished we'd gone to the film instead! apart from the annoyances did you enjoy the film?

Allie said...

The film itself was good - some spectacular scenery.

Elaine said...

the weaving looks great I think we may give it a try