Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Cosmic supplying

I am always disproportionately pleased when I manage to find the right home for some useful object I don’t need any more. So I was very happy when a single post on our local Freecycle group resulted in not one but two sofas finding new homes where they will be well used. And, what’s more, this interesting but bulky construction toy

has left our bedroom floor for a productive new life at the highly deserving Brighton Unemployed Centre Families Project crèche.

We are clearing out some stuff in preparation for our big house reorganisation. This is quite a slow business, as it’s all a bit daunting and we keep having to do much more urgent things like watch ridiculous films on the True Movies channel.

The kids and I have had a busy few days. We played Cluedo, bought storage boxes, hung out with cousins, and cooked little banana cakes on Saturday. Leo visited his friend J. for a Doctor Who fest and trip to the beach on Sunday, while Pearlie and I browsed charity shops and saw a great exhibition about indigo at Hove Museum. I love Hove Museum, and can rarely persuade the kids to go there, so this was a big treat for me.

They went to their groups today (Kids Club for P, MMs and Woodies for L) and Pearlie and I began a tablet weaving project we have been thinking about for ages. Tablet weaving is something I did at home as a kid, with my dad, and I have very clear and fond memories of it. We are using an improvised version of the same system we used then, with the loom hanging from a coathanger, rather than attached to the weaver’s waist, as is traditional. I’ll post photos when I’ve taken some.

I’m having a period of finishing and starting things with my knitting. I’ve finally got my hooded waistcoat to a stage when I can wear it, though I am still considering adding some sleeves, as I think that would make it a more useful garment for me. Photos of this to follow as well. In fact, I’m thinking I might start a knitting blog/site, where I can waffle on about this kind of thing on a larger scale. Following a kind gift of yarn, I’ve made a start on some experimental socks for Pearlie. And I’m also attempting a lacy wristwarmer for her, using some lovely purple yarn I couldn’t resist in a charity shop on Sunday.

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Lisa G said...

What a coincidence, I've been on the receiving end of the cosmic supply company this past week and wrote a little about my good luck. Now I've just given some stuff away on freecycle as well to keep the good karma going!