Friday, October 26, 2007

Facebook will not eat my life…

I have a foul throat infection that started a couple of days ago. On Wednesday I sounded a bit like Rula Lenska – remember her? No way I'd touch George Galloway though! Struggled through a meeting at work where I had managed to put six items on the agenda… Yesterday I went to work again and became huskier and huskier. I ended up whispering at everyone who came up to the desk, which probably made me look like a very extreme librarian!

I have a confession… Facebook is irritating me. How does anyone find the time to be on there? My computer time is generally snatched and I prioritise the blog – and reading other people’s blogs. So, this is an apology to any friends reading who will find that I am hopeless at joining in with all the jollity on there.

Today I have to wait in for a delivery of tiles. Leo is very happy to wait in with me – he virtually jumped for joy! Pearlie might go out for a bit if I can get a friend to keep an eye on her where she wants to go.

The kids have been having a good week. Yesterday they went on a half-term treat with Dani, some cousins, my brother and my mum. They had lunch at Pizza Express and then went swimming.

Both kids are still reading a lot at the moment – and making good use of the library service. Pearlie is into The Man with the Tiger Eyes and Leo continues to enjoy the spooky series I have mentioned before.

Other snippets of stuff:
Pearlie got an email from Blue Peter after she sent in a complaint about one of the presenters using the word girl as an insult. The reply contained the amazing insight that:
“boys do tease each other in this way.”
But they said it had been debated in the office and they would bear her comment in mind. Anyway, I was proud that Pearlie took the time to write in with her opinion.

Leo has been making us all home work sheets again. This is something to do with Horrid Henry. It is very amusing, as he writes it all with Horrid Henry’s appalling spelling. I didn’t understand this and made a fool of myself.
“Erm , Leo, you do know that that’s not how you spell work, don’t you?”
Leo gives Allie a pitying look.
“Yes, it’s with an ‘o’! That’s how Horrid Henry spells it!”
We have to fill in the answers on these Leo-generated work sheets. He has also sent some to himself in the post. He loves to get letters.

We got our first postcard from the postcard crossing. It came from Brussels.

Dani and I have been staying up very late working on a dossier to be presented at a meeting with various high ups at the council next week. We have long been involved (with some stalwart comrades!) in this laborious process of trying to get a clear local authority policy for local home edders. This dossier is a collection of lots of people’s experiences – and a little bit of analysis and recommendation – to show these big wigs what people have had to put up with.

So, we’ve been doing our paid jobs, home edding and half-term socialising, and then writing this document until 1.30am for the last three nights. Then, last night, I kept us both awake coughing until about 3am. I don’t remember being this tired since the kids were little and woke us in the night. Guess this could be why I’m getting ill a lot at the moment.

I would like to write something about a Sheila Jeffreys book that I’ve been reading – but not sure if I’ll get to it today.

Also watched a Channel Four programme called Last Chance Kids, all about a synthetic phonics system in a school with a lot of illiterate kids. Had lots of thoughts about that that might be worth blogging at some point.

Oh, last thing to mention. I wrote to our MEP, Caroline Lucas, about the upsetting programme I saw about children in Bulgarian orphanages. Got quite a good reply too.

"Caroline will be writing to the Commissioner about the Bulgarian
authorities' failure to offer adequate protection to young disabled people
in its care and urging the EU to offer guidance and support to the Bulgarian
government. I will send you a copy of the Commissioner's response as soon
as it is available."

Now, to hunt around for cold remedies in the medicine box.


'EF' said...

So wierd, I was just waiting for my facebook membership to load and I flicked over to read how your day was and read that about facebook. LOL. Don't ask. I don't know why I am doing it, I don't understand what facebook is 'for' but everybody else is doing it so I got swept along by a tide of events etc.

Good news about yous socking it to the big wigs.

Get well soon.

deb said...

I'm afraid I don't "get" facebook at all; I had a look around but it doesn't seem to offer anything I'd particularly want.

I do like Postcrossing though :-)

Liza said...

so bored of facebook, do quizes, throw stuff at people, hatch eggs, plant flowers. blah!

i totally agree with pearlie, using "girl" as an insult is very offensive. well done to her for emailing them - although i dont think much of their reply :rollseyes:

hope your throat feels better soon xx

Nic said...

yay Pearl, well done for emailing BP, shame their reply was so rubbish :(

Hope you feel better soon. x

emma said...

I really like facebook for playing long distance scrabble. Or even scrabble with people who are present when there are small children around, since there's no board to get thrown around.

I also like the way one can so easily spot a friend's name on one's list and send them a little message - a way of having casual friendliness at a distance.

But the whole growing-flowers being-a-zombie kind of stuff I can't get thrilled about.

Nic said...

Nic decided to throw a sheep at you :) ;)

Gill said...

I've got to be in the right mood for Facebook - then I tend to get horribly lost in its silliness! Tetris - bah! It's like eating ice-cream: fun at the time, makes you feel bleurgh afterwards.

Hope you feel better now!