Saturday, October 20, 2007

Tintin a go-go!

We thought the Tintin show was fantastic. I was wondering how they would adapt a comic strip to the stage – and it was brilliantly done.

We’d bought tickets in the gallery and they upgraded us by moving us down a level to the second circle. That was good for us but a bit sad for the cast – as it meant they hadn’t sold many tickets. I don’t know why that would be. I know that Tintin had a very unfashionable phase a few years ago because of the (undeniable but typical of its time) racist portrayal of African people in Tintin in the Congo. Or maybe it was just that Tintin is a rather particular taste. Then again, it could have been that people from Brighton had seen it in London.

Anyway, it was an adaptation of Tintin in Tibet and it was pretty true to the book. It had dream sequences that included some of the beloved characters who don’t appear in that book – the Thompson Twins and Bianca Castafiore. The set was very clever, quite sparse, like the book.

The kids really enjoyed it. I love taking them to the theatre as it always feels like money well spent. I also love the Theatre Royal and am always happy to be there – no matter if the play is poor. But this one was a definite hit with all of us!

I had to go to work today. Dani and the kids popped up to town to get a birthday present for a friend who is having a birthday party tomorrow. Pearlie read the first chapter of the new Roman mystery book in Smiths and is now waiting for her cousin to finish her copy so she can borrow it! Leo went into the library to borrow more in a spooky series he is reading.

Dani has sorted out our hallway this afternoon, which is a great relief. I don’t know quite how but most of our possessions seem to end up strewn about in the narrow space we have to use to get from room to room.

I’ve got work again tomorrow and Dani and the kids will be going to the aforementioned birthday party.

I’m off to make an apple crumble. We’ve got lots of stewed apple in the freezer at the moment, thanks to the grandmothers’ Bramley tree. I spent a whole evening peeling and chopping windfalls this week.


grit said...

hi allie! glad you enjoyed tintin! were they right to show the yeti? at the time i thought not, but in hindsight, probably. they translated the cartoon to the stage very well. and now our kids are in love with the phrase 'blistering barnacles'!

Lisa G said...

Glad you all enjoyed Tintin and gave it such a good review, we're really looking forward to seeing it at the end of Nov in Cardiff.