Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Builders are here

All is a bit mad here. Any moment spent doing anything other than sorting/boxing/clearing is pretty much impossible. The builders have blocked off a door and built a very fine set of doors for our understairs cupboard. I bought a fridge freezer and arranged for it to be delivered when the new kitchen units etc. should be built. I hope that works.

I realised, with some horror, that we couldn't freecycle the cooker when it was so much in need of a clean. So, this evening, I spent an hour or two attacking it with the steam cleaner. So, we had takeaway pizza. The takeaway have started putting cheese on the garlic bread so Pearlie didn't really like it - and that is the only bit of a takeaway pizza meal that she really eats. So, she's gone swimming without a proper meal and I'm feeling like a rather rubbish mum.

On the plus side, Pearlie wrote some more of a long story she's working on and Leo made some pretend newspapers. Oh, and Pearlie had a large slab of choc cake at the park cafe today, so that's some sustenance. Leo had egg mayonnaise sandwiches. Thank goodness for our saviour at the park cafe. I can remember feeding Pearlie from there often when Leo was a baby and things were demanding.

We're all tired from getting up and dressed by 8pm, ready for the arrival of the builders. Tomorrow involves the ripping up of floors to lay gas piping, and the delivery of the kitchen units. I'm planning to take the kids to buy more boxes (plastic crates with lids) as we don't seem able to get enough...


Liza said...

8pm?!!!!!!! I'd love a lie-in till 8pm!! heehee;)

hope all the building work goes smoothly.

peri said...

If you need a place to escape or the kids want a break from building work - give me a shout - you know you are all always welcome :-D

Lisa G said...

Oh I hate having builders in or any kind of workmen, even when it's absolutely essential, feels like such an invasion and it kills me to have to be up and showered by the time they arrive - you have my sympathy!