Sunday, November 25, 2007

Getting there

Can’t catch up properly as so much has happened. Here’s some highlights and lowlights, or something.

I’m a bit speedy as I’ve taken Sudafed for the last two days. I find that pseudoephedrine hydrochloride is great for keeping going when you feel rough, but it suppresses my appetite, makes me feel like I never need to sleep, and garbles my brain a bit!

Dani has had a horrible illness for the last week, and I just started to feel bad on Friday night. It is a throaty, feverish head cold.

The building work is not quite finished, but is nearly done. It is fantastic and I’m glad we’ve done it. We now have the house organised as follows:

Basement – kitchen/living room. This is the largest single space in the house and is now a cosy shared living space.
Ground floor – bathroom and Pearl’s bedroom with en suite shower room. The shower room is where our old kitchen was. The shower room is not quite finished but I think it will be very useful.
Top floor – Leo’s bedroom and the mums’bedroom. We have a top floor room with a door and everything!

Other news includes:

We spent from 11am Saturday to 2.30am Sunday moving furniture and organising rooms. Dani and I dismantled two beds and re-assembled them on different floors of the house. We have so many books! We weed regularly but they seem to breed.

We have a bed again after three weeks of camping on the kids’ floors – yeah!

I took the kids’ swimming to the local evening Family Swim and we had the pool to ourselves most of the time.

Pearl and Leo are starring in a pantomime with their Kids’ Club mates. Leo is going to be a pig and Dani has knitted him a curly tail. Pearlie has a cool part but I’m not sure if I can tell you more. We’ll blog the performance.

Pearlie has had letters from both her pen friends, which made her happy. She has had a cold too, which makes her cross!

Leo has renewed his passion for Captain Underpants. He is making comics every day and photocopying them.

Pearlie has been playing cards a lot – and is knitting something. She’s loving reading her way through the Sally Lockhart books.

Leo and I have decided to leave our weekly home ed group after Christmas. We’ve been going to that one for more than three years but its time to move on. Leo is going to add an extra session at Kids’ Club on a Wednesday. This means that I’ll get some one to one time with Leo on a Monday morning and with Pearl on a Wednesday morning.

Lots of talk and lots of bickering between the kids. It will be a relief when all the work is finished and we can get properly settled again.

Anyway, Annie Lennox is distracting me, so I’ll have to go. She’s on the TV, you understand. If she was really here I wouldn’t be blogging…

Here's some pictures of room transformations

Our back basement before the kitchen

Now it is a kitchen, with lots of surfaces.

The old kitchen. It was lovely but not big enough for a family of four.

Now it is this shiny shower room - not quite finished.


Nic said...

Wow, pics look fab :) Hope everyone feels better soon, there seems to have been loads of illness around the last few months - at least one of us seems to be ill in our house at any one time.

Liza said...

Oooh pics!! House is looking good! Can't wait to see some more pics when its all finished :)
A is looking forward to Leo starting Wednesdays but very disappointed that he's leaving MMs. Don't forget where we are just in case you get fed up of that 1:1 time on monday mornings ;)
Hope y'all feel better soon xx

peri said...

Wow - big transformation! Looking good though.

Hope you are all over the lurgy soon. J has had this cough thing now for 4 weeks, I'm just entering day 14 of it and M has just succumbed - it's a b***er!

Take care. xxx

Gill said...

Goodness me, you've done LOADS to your house! It's looking fabulous. Hope you all feel better soon xx

Lisa G said...

Oh I love pics, I'm very nosy!
Glad we're not the only ones suffering from various lurgies, our activities have been restricted over the past couple of months because of various illnesses, getting really fed up!
Kitchen looks great btw!

Helen said...

Wow! It looks great.

alison said...

Building works look fantastic :) I hope this configuration lasts well for a long, long time :