Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Lucky people

Just watching a programme about homeless families and feeling so very, very lucky to have our home - and enough money to get these lovely improvements. I am certainly aware of the nightmare of finding affordable housing and my thoughts go out to a friend who is facing eviction in the new year. You know who you are, and I so hope things work out ok. xx.

The builders finished today. We are looking forward to Christmas in our new arrangements - though the budget might be a bit tight this year.

This is the new cooker and hob - and a work surface big enough to work on. We really wanted those pan drawers, they're Tardis like in their capacity.

We used to have a really crappy little fridge that kept things at about 10 degrees. It was balanced on top of an old freezer. Now we have this big fridge freezer, in which we can fit a weekly shop.

The washing machine used to be squashed in the corner of our living room, but now its more appropriately located in the kitchen - under another surface!

Sockets aplenty and a hanging rail. We need a few more hooks!

Meanwhile, where the old kitchen used to be is Pearlie's new en suite shower room.

We're looking forward to not getting up at the crack of dawn tomorrow! Now all there that remains is all the painting...


Nic said...

It's all looking fab :)

Gill said...

Oh wow! It's gorgeous. Fitted kitchens don't really do it for me, but I especially love those shiny tiles! Pearl is very lucky to have an en suite.

I hope your friend will be ok.

Liza said...

I watched that, very depressing to see those poor kids living like that. I cried when they were shivering in the bus shelter.

Kitchen looks fab!

:) xx

Em said...

is looking great. Have to admit to a rather large pang of jealousy.

Jenny said...

Its looking cracking! I have a seriously unfinished kitchen. New year will see us finish it after seeing that!
Hope your friend will be ok

'EF' x said...

Yummy kitchen! I love your choice of finish on the units and the handles. Ensuite sounds cool too!

Homelessness grotty, have tried it and moved on, but it left me with an immense seemingly everlasting appreciation of the simple things like a roof and a blanket. I hope your friend will be okay.

Lucy said...

ooh, all so gorgeous! pan drawers are fab, we recently got some too... how fab to have an ensuite so young - bet she's thrilled!