Friday, November 09, 2007

Quick update from the makeover house

All still mad here! Things are going ok. Trouble with old houses is that once you start looking at things you tend to find more things that need doing. So far these have been:

The discovery of a wormy old floorboard that has led to us deciding on a plywood floor in the small shower room we're putting in. Joists were all sound - thank god!

The need for various improvements to the electrics in the house. We nned a proper earth bond (congratulations if you know what that is!) and is about time we got a proper fuse board with trip switches too.

We asked the builder to have a look at what could be causing damp upstairs. (We have damp in the basement that is just caused by solid walls and condensation and so on and is requiring some creative wiring to avoid the damp back wall. The boxes behind the plugs embedded in that back wall were completely corroded by damp - erk!) Anyway, the upstairs damp was being caused by cracked rendering on the front of the house. Builder has filled a crack but told us that most of the rendering on the front of the house has blown and we'll need to start saving to get it re-rendered next year!

Apart from all this, the new kitchen is looking good. For the last couple of days we've had our cooker on one floorand the rest of the kitchen on another - which makes for interesting cooking experiences. I've been too chicken but Dani managed to cook pasta and home made sauce.

Got to go, as P has asked me to find her a list of hard spellings. Both kids were able to do nearly all of a list in a KS3 book we were just looking in.

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Beth said...

This is what worries me about doing any sort of remodeling on my house -- we'd just keep finding more that had to be done!