Thursday, December 13, 2007

Books and bangs and making and shopping

Gawd, it’s busy here. We have finished decorating P’s room and the new kitchen. Now we need to paint the front half of the basement – our living room. I’m not entirely certain that we’ll get it done this side of Christmas, though I’d like to. There are little patches of matchpot paint here and there, which will look very odd with the Christmas decs!

I’m reeling after a whole day in town Christmas shopping. I met up with my mum at 10am and we had a really good trip - checking lists, advising each other on purchases, and eating eggs on toast in a café for lunch. My mum had to go and pick up nephew and niece from school, but I stayed on for another couple of hours. Nearly all done now, which is something of a relief.

I got home to find that everyone had been engaged in Christmas card making. Dani is out at her work Christmas meal but the children and I have continued making cards this evening. Buying card blanks is an extravagance we’ve never indulged before, but it has been a real hit. We spent a lovely couple of harmonious hours making and admiring each others’ creations.

Last night we went to the Bigger Bang Show, in town. It was really good – lots of loud noises, bright lights and jollity. Man in Faraday cage, getting zapped with electricity, was fun.

Yesterday afternoon we had another shopping excursion into town, involving complicated swaps of mums, so the kids could buy us, and each other, presents.

Finally, a quick mention of books:

Dani and Pearlie have just finished Kit’s Wilderness as a bedtime book. Dani says it was lovely – spooky, haunting and truthful.

Leo and I enjoyed The Arabian Nights. We were in a roll with classic tales and last night I found a great telling of Ivan and the Sea King, in an anthology. We also re-read a family favourite, A Gift From Winklesea.

Pearlie is nearing the end of The Tiger in the Well, which she has loved. She’s been telling us a lot about it.

Leo is deep in Dav Pilkey land, again. He spends a lot of time on the Pilkey web site, reading all the biographical information and enjoying the copies of Pilkey’s childhood creations, which can be found there. Leo was pleased with a book all about Comics and Graphic Novels. Some of Leo’s own latest creations are evil Turbo Tweezers, The Incredible Lizard, and the Evil Robo-Guy. These feature in comic books and graphic novels. He works on these novels over several days.

Dani's just finished Now is the Time to Open your Heart, by Alice Walker. I'm loving A Winter Book by Tove Jansson.

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Fiona said...

Evil Turbo Tweezers sounds v. promising...