Monday, December 31, 2007

Busy doing nothing…

We’ve been:

Shopping. Sock shortages led to me actually ironing socks dry for L! We went to town and Pearlie spent Christmas money on a clockwork alarm clock. Leo bought himself another Sarah Jane Adventures toy. Dani had a good time in C and H Fabrics with her vouchers and got lovely wool for a waistcoat for L.

Socialising. The elder of my brothers had his birthday yesterday so we all went round for tea and nibbles. The kids and I also went out with cousin B and his mum to see Bee Movie, on Friday. The kids liked it but I thought it was pretty awful. I didn’t take enough water and had to buy a bottle for £2.50 when I was struck down with a fierce coughing fit during the film.

Coughing. Pearlie, Leo and I are still at the tail end of this illness. I seem to cough very little all day and then, as soon as I try to sleep, be unable to stop. This is tough on Dani who is back at work now. Kids are a bit spluttery still but basically ok.

Eating. I’m really feeling the need for more exercise!

Not writing our annual report. We send one to the Local Authority every year but I haven’t felt very inspired yet. I will do it in the next few days. Now I’ve put that on the blog then I have to!

We’re off to see The Golden Compass once D’s finished at work. Better get dressed…


a said...

Enjoy the film and I hope the coughing stops soon, it's a pain.
And, while I'm here: Happy New Year!
Hope 2008 brings you lots of the best kind of stuff and none of the rubbish.

HelenHaricot said...

thanks for commenting on my blog. it is funny at a step removed, but often feels like terrorism up close!
hope you feel ebtter soon

Helen said...

Hope you enjoy the film. We saw it the other night with my mum. Enjoyed it but still prefer the books. Hope the coughing goes soon. C is only just getting shot of hers after several days of benylin (something we don't normally resort to).