Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas eve in the house of cough

Thanks to all for your good wishes.

Pearlie slept most of yesterday and was still feverish and floppy this morning. This afternoon she has got much better. She has a nasty gurgling cough and is very pale but she managed to make it over to the grandmothers' house for presents and yummy tea. It is very sad that she missed so much of the visiting family fun this last weekend but it's looking like she'll be able to enjoy Christmas day, so that's good. She's eating a bit, which is a relief.

Leo's cough is very bad. He coughs for a very long spell and then does a great gasp for air. This is dramatic enough to have us googling whooping cough. He is vaccinated but it seems that that vaccine does wear off. It probably isn't whooping cough, just a terrible cough, but he is very tired by it.

I have lost my voice and feel like someone's been sandpapering my throat.

Dani is not ill (so far) and I've got my fingers crossed that she'll stay healthy.

So, that's our health update!

Other news is that we've given and received some lovely gifts with visiting family over the weekend and some of our Brighton relatives today. The gig was great and I need to get photos off the camera.


Nic said...

Glad P is on the up - hope Allie and Leo get well soon and Dani does indeed escape unaffected.
Have a good one tomorrow all of you. xx

Lisa G said...

Hope you are all feeling better tomorrow, have a lovely Christmas.

Gill said...

Seasons greetings and get well soon, all you Green House people!