Wednesday, December 26, 2007

In amongst the coughing

There has been some festive stuff here, in spite of the horrible illness. Yesterday I made the mistake of coming off the painkillers for a few hours and having a couple of glasses of cava. My temperature went up and I felt awful. I’m back on the pills today and trying not to talk. For some reason I seem to get every infection in my voicebox this year. This must be the third time I’ve bee robbed of my voice in the last six months. The kids are no longer being dosed up but both have nasty coughs. But, yesterday Leo was well enough to casually eat a whole selection box, so he can’t be that ill! Pearlie is doing remarkably well – eating bits and bobs and busy playing with her cousin S today. Dani is enjoying having time to knit. I think she was starved of her needles when we had to spend all our time decorating.

Here are some photos of the last week.

Pearlie is behind that drum kit! Our camera isn't good enough to get a decent shot of her. This is the Squeezebox Rocks gig on 21st December.

Leo playing at the gig.
Winter afternoon at the marina, where visiting aunt, uncle and grandparents were staying over the weekend.
Leo opening his Sarah Jane Adventures sonic lipstick and scanner watch. He was very chuffed with it.
Pearlie opening a Horrible Histories Jigsaw. She and I did it yesterday afternoon.

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Elle said...

Get well soon.

Such happy kiddies. Elle