Sunday, December 23, 2007

Sick kids

Kids did their Squeezebox gig on Friday, already dosed up with Nurofen and Calpol. Ill health seems to be sweeping the kids of the town and there were some kids too ill to perform. Ours soldiered on bravely.

We have family down here for the weekend but celebrations are being well and truly scuppered by illness. Today, Leo seems to be much better in himself - though he is coughing a lot - but poor P is really ill. She doesn't often succumb to illness - but when she does it's pretty dramatic. I'm at home with her while everyone is off at the bowlplex. She is sleeping at the moment, with high fever. I think it is just a seasonal virus, but the timing could hardly have been worse. I'm really hoping she is on the mend by tomorrow. She is such a slender little thing and when I was sponging her down earlier she looked tiny. I don't remember her being this ill for years. I have a head full of cold and ache a lot but its nothing compared to poor P. Better go and check on her. No point calling doctor as I'm sure they'll just say to give drugs, water and sponge her if her fever is very high - all of which we're doing.


Gill said...

Oh poor P! I hope she makes a very quick recovery.

Sarah said...

Oh, lots of love from me too - Abbie has got something that sounds similar, and Anna seems to be going down with it, too. Not life threatening but very miserable, and just a bit unfair when they should be enjoying the excitement of Christmas.

Hope P is much better soon.

Liza said...

Oh no, hope she's feeling much better for Christmas. xxx

grit said...

Sending lots of good wishes for speedy recovery. We had similar last year with Tiger's glorious sick. I think they time it deliberately. Have two Christmas days. In fact, make it three... and whenever and wherever you celebrate, good wishes from the Grit household to you all!

Lynn said...

you don't know me but I know you through your blog.
I have been reading for some months now and have got great ideas for books for my dauhgter from the books that P reads so many thanks for that, it is funny that as you read a blog regularly you get a kind of affection for the family's and my heart went out to her when you described her as you were sponging her down,I send healing wishes and hopes for a speedy recovery

peri said...

Hope P starts to feel better soon - give her own love.

There are so many nasty bugs doing the rounds locally - 1/2 the kids we know are poorly.

Hope are you all recovered for Xmas Day.