Sunday, December 02, 2007

Vertical - just...

Blimey, that was a cracking migraine. I reckon its the worst I've had in months, if not years. I woke to the feeling of knives being driven into one eye. I was determined to get up for work, as in eleven years I've never had to call in sick on a weekend shift. I drank some water, swallowed painkillers and went to have a bath. Five minutes later I was throwing up the painkillers and water. The pain was accompanied by flashes in my vision and an overwhelming feeling of anxiety. I also couldn't string my words together properly.

In the end I had to recognise that I just couldn't make it to work. Thank goodness I was on with another qualified member of staff, otherwise the library can't open. Dani looked up my colleague in the phone book and called to let her know. I went to bed, where I've been on and off all day.

So, what triggered that?

I'm going to list all the triggers as a reminder to myself not to let this happen again:

Low blood sugar in the afternoon - didn't take enough food to work
Drinking a small bottle of beer instead of water with my dinner
Eating white chocolate cheesecake
Lack of sleep over several nights
Rushing to get to the pizza place from work
Stress about several things at once and no time to process with D
Suppressing upset feelings
Painting with satinwood paint that has a nasty 'heady' smell, when I was already feeling strangely lethargic

Migraine runs down the female line in my family and I do know how to handle it, usually. But waking up in the middle of a monster is just impossible.

I'm left feeling like someone has punched me about a bit, and still vaguely dizzy. I'll be moving slowly over the next few days.


a said...

Ugh Allie - that sounds so painful and hard to cope with. Hope you don't have another like that for a long long time.

'EF' said...

Yikes, that sounds like a corker. White choc cheesecake and paint would trigger it for me too. Lets hope you don't have a migraine of that magnitude again.

Nic said...

Sounds hideous. Glad you are somewhat recovered and hope you take it easy to ward it off altogether and don't get a relapse. x

HelenHaricot said...

commiserations from a fellow sufferer. the paint would do it for me on its own - i got admitted once by a gp with blue light as i was at home alone, had painted gloss doors, and had a migraine so bad that after days decided to call in calvary for something strong. He sent me in as a subarachnoid haemorrhage - i knew it wasnt! so yes, paint!! also agree with low blood sugars, alcohol and stress.
remember to eat lots of carbs tonight - i find potatoes really help

Liza said...

Yikeys sounds like a bad one. Hope you feel lots better and take it easy for a few days.

Lucy said...

Poor you. Hope you recover as quickly as possible. I get headaches that last for days at a time but never as bad as yours sound.

peri said...

hope you feel back to normal asap. paint gets me everytime - it's evil!

Allie said...

Thanks, everyone. I think Dani can do the gloss/satin wood from now on and I'll do the emulsion! Blue light admission sounds very scary, Helen, even if you knew it was a migraine. Hospital is the last place I'd want to be with a migraine!

I can usually cope with a couple of triggers but when they all stack then I can't.

Migraines are very odd things. If it was just the headache then I might cope, but its the 'whole body' thing that gets me - head, vision, nausea and the emotional upset. Once I'm being sick then I can't keep down any medication that might help.

Feeling ok this morning, just a bit delicate.