Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Back in the swing

And it is a much calmer swing this year. I can see more experienced home edders laughing when I say we have finally realised that we were *seriously* over committed with group activities before. I think we pushed it right to the limit before realising that there was just not enough of that slow paced, pottering time at home, when interesting things happen – and good conversation pops up. Pearl will now have two Kids’ Club sessions per week, Squeezebox, swimming club and Woodcraft. Leo will have the same but without the swimming club or Woodcraft. We’ll aim to go to the big fortnightly home ed meet often too – as well as a park get together if the weather allows.

So, Monday now starts with Dani off to work, and Pearlie off to Kids’ Club. She sewed a little hacky sac thing (no idea how you spell that and can’t be bothered to check!), caught up with friends and shared a four day diary of wildlife she’d spotted during December. Leo and I get a couple of hours or so at home alone – a bit calmer than our Mondays used to be.

Leo and I spent an hour on Education City (got another free trial) where he surprised me by choosing to do the maths games. He really enjoyed this – laughing at the little animations and delighting in his scores. He ran out of time on a few games, so didn’t manage to get 100% scores across the board. He was doing mental addition games, so we talked a bit about splitting the tens and units, counting in tens to the nearest ten and then adding or subtracting, and other such techniques. I have been sniffy about EC in the past, but Leo was actively enjoying this and, as there are French games that may prove useful for P, we might subscribe for a year and see what happens.

We then settled down to do some drawing together, at Leo’s request. He invited me to try out his new pens and pastel pencils. They are lovely, but I find it very hard to ‘let go’ when drawing and it’s all very stilted. He rattled off a few pictures and then we walked over to the grandmothers’ house.

We had lunch with them and then I left Leo there and came home.

Pearlie and Dani were home from Kids’ Club and work. We discussed this vague idea about IGCSEs and Pearlie said she wasn’t that keen after all. She’d like to wait a few years and see – so that’s what we’ll do.

At the moment Pearl is very excited about our Easter trip down to St Ives. It is a place we all love and we have managed to get a property we’ve stayed in before – much cheaper than it is in the summer. Pearlie was looking through a street map of the place, working out routes and remembering places we’d visited before. She has already written a packing list. We’ve decided to take cameras and sketching gear and make that a feature of the week, as it will be more the time of year for bracing walks than lounging on the beach.

While Pearlie was poring over maps, and Dani was poring over a tricky email, we watched a Midsomer Murders we’d taped at New Year.

Leo was dropped back to us – very tired but happy. He’d constructed something elaborate out of playing cards. We’re waiting for the photos.

In the evening, Dani and I put the boxes of Christmas decs in the loft. Leo dug out a couple of little lego kits, as well as reading some more of his current book. He’s more than half way through Northern Lights, by Philip Pullman, and has told me several details that are different in the book. Pearl embarked on a grand audit of Sylvanians. When she moved rooms they were all bunged in big plastic boxes. She’s arranged them in groups on her floor and is listing them all – re-naming those whose names she has forgotten.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I brought home a couple of Noel Streatfield’s from my mum’s stock – The Growing Summer and The Painted Garden – for Pearlie.

Right, off to sort laundry, make breakfasts and help remember the scale of E major.


Allie said...

Hey, D! I came back to correct my spelling - after I realised I'd got that wrong, while sitting at Squeezebox waiting for the kids. Did you do it? Or, did I not make that mistake after all??

Gill said...

LOL, I'm forever going back to edit and correcting mine!

And ew, E major. Isn't that the one with 4 sharps? How's my memory doing? It's about 25 years since I last thought about that! Better than my spelling probably is ;-)