Friday, January 25, 2008


Just a quick post to update on stress. I'm feeling quite a bit better. I got two and a half hours alone in the house writing yesterday. Dani is wonderful!

The kids have been out playing in the street this morning. They have a foam plank on a rope, which they tie to the upstairs front window and swing to each other. The neighbour (who is a prison inspector) says that it is like the swingers that prisoner use to pass things between cells! But, they are getting looks from someone working on a house up the road.

Allie: "I expect he's just wondering why you're not in school."
Pearl: "Because we've got better things to do!"

I'll do a proper update later, maybe, if I don't get seduced back into a story...


Gill said...

Game sounds very intriguing..

So glad you're feeling better. *Applauds Dani* - and Allie too, of course!

Are any of your stories being blogged or otherwise published anywhere, btw?

Allie said...

Not at the moment, Gill. I'm hoping to get some group feedback on a complete story next week.

Gill said...

Ah ok :-) I'm really looking forward to reading them if/when you go public!

'EF' x said...

I have to confess that I am really hoping there is a slight chance that maybe you will want to share some of the stories you are writing :) I am glad Gill brought it up.

I also get that (previous post) thing about charectors whispering, and it aint in a nutty butty way. I have four story lines going on right now and I am really loving it, the charectors have a life of their own which is exciting..but like it is, they don't just write themselves.

I have found that I cannot write in quiet and can only do it in the middle of chaos and then all of a sudden with lots annoying banging on the door and "Mammy! Are we going to get any dinner?"

I reckon your stories are going to be ace reading Allie, your blog posts certainly are :)