Monday, January 14, 2008

Farewell Facebook and other stuff

It wasn’t just the article in G2 today that persuaded me to come off Facebook. I’ve been mulling it over for a while, ever since I realised that I was starting to feel that Facebook was just another job to be done. Then I’d go in, do a silly quiz and decide it was all ok. But, I felt like I was being a rubbish Facebook friend, blowing hot and cold with the thing, so I made a snap decision and de-activated my account.

I’m bleary eyed with tiredness tonight. It is a very busy time of year at work – entry meter totals over 11000 last week and the weekend was non-stop. I’m on a new working group too, as well as trying to just keep up with regular stuff.

Let’s see what snippets I’ve got to share…

Pearlie enjoyed having a friend round to play on Friday afternoon/evening. This involved a lot of leading each other around with blindfolds on – no idea why!

Leo and Dani went to the park with his watercolours and sketch pads on Saturday to have a go at painting trees.

Dani went out on Sunday to be interviewed by someone for her memories of the Section 28 campaign, for a local history event being created by Brighton Ourstory. I’m being interviewed too. I keep meaning to dig out my diaries but I suspect that they have little in the way of useful detail and much more along the lines of, “she was there tonight, but she never looked at me once…” I can only remember meetings by where I snogged after them. Ah, the joys of youth! What is rather odd is that on lots of occasions Dani was there, and I was there, but we weren’t there together.

Pearl seems to have had a lovely time at the grandmothers’ today – doing some French (they’re using a book called Escalier now but I think they’re also intending to keep reading C’est Facile) as well as eating bread warm from the excellent local baker and playing cards.

Pearl had also been to Kids’ Club but I’m ignorant as to what went on there.

Leo had a busy day today. In the morning I helped him find pictures and info about stoats and weasels for him to stick on an information folder. He told me it was going to be a “mustelid fact file”, to which I answered “a what???” Leo had been reading an animals’ book in his room and, typically for him, he had picked up lots of info about his current favourite. He did cutting and sticking to make the file, with a few words of his own here and there.

We also went through the drawer of puzzle books. I was thinking we could have a weed, but we seem to have lots of books, with just a few things still to do, that people are sure they will do one day! Leo did some sums from a witchy/wizardy themed thing and then word searches at the speed of light. Little kids’ word searches are a bit of a joke for someone who is happily reading Phillip Pullman books but he enjoyed finding extra words and so on.

I had to rush in to work early for a meeting, as soon as Dani got in. In the afternoon, she and Leo did some experiments with the chemistry set he got for Christmas. They got the little spirit burner going and learned:

  • that you can dissolve things faster in warm water
  • you can recover something from a solution by evaporating the water
  • that there is nothing dissolved in distilled water.

I brought in some children’s books on animal rights tonight, thinking that Pearlie, in particular, would be interested. Actually, they just upset her. Poor old P is very upset and angered by the injustices of the world at the moment. I think I remember being similarly pre-occupied at her age. I can distinctly remember my teacher keeping me back after school to tell me not to tell the other kids about nuclear weapons.

Now I’ve got to print off some writing to share with the virtual strangers in my new writing class. Nervous, me?


Claire said...

Very interesting article about Facebook. I think it has helped me to make a decision too....

Jenny said...

Sophie is feeling similarly about things at the moment. Everything in life is 'unfair' I have Huws chicken run on Sky+ and am dreading her interest in it! I shall buy in extra tissues in readiness I think! It must be the age and their realisation that there is a wider,sometimes horrble world outside the safety and love of their families!

Lucy said...

That facebook article is scary. I've long since giving up downloading all those useless applications.

Lol at the diary thing, I have a couple of years worth of diaries which all centred around whether I saw a certain someone and whether they noticed me or not.

Kate Ahrens said...

I remember a conversation with some school friends when I was about the same age as Pearl about why I was involved with Youth CND. They thought it would be scary having to think about nuclear weapons all the time. My reply was that having learnt about it at all, it was a lot less scary to be campaigning to stop it, than just sitting at home worrying.

Perhaps Pearl needs a bit of activism to cheer her up?

Allie said...

Hi all,

Why am not surprised that you prescribe a course of activism, Kate? LOL! Maybe she will get more involved in campaigning around one of the issues. But, the thinking has its place - as does the sadness and anger sometimes.

Better go and be ready for Tesco to arrive with the shopping. Tesco, now that is depressing...

peri said...

Strange that - I've been musing about getting off facebook for weeks - ever since the programme on BBC2 - I deleted all my personal stuff then. But you're so right it is just another thing that requires time/attention. You've helped me too - adios FB!

Sharon said...

Ugh! I'm a bit fed up with FB too. I rarely do anything with it and agree with the article about the narcissistic aspect to it. The whole politics behind it is something new to think of. I think I'll leave it too.

Di said...

Interesting about facebook. I never put up any of my favourite films/books/bands etc etc, mainly because I couldn't be bothered, but maybe it also has the side effect of making me a bit less of an easy advertising shot.

Gill said...

This blog post has set me off on a whole LOT of reading and thinking about virtual reality and finance etc! I'm hoping to write something about it at some point, if I ever think anything writeable about it, LOL.

Hope your class went well.

Nick said...

For anyone still not sure about leaving facebook this story might persuade you:

Free the Blackadder One

I almost joined Facebook just to join the protest. Then I stopped and thought about it for a moment.