Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Good day

Today’s been a good one.

Leo went off to Kids’ Club, where there was a show and tell session. He took his cuddly stoat, which he got for Christmas. There had obviously been some planning going on between the kids, as various other children had brought along cuddly creatures. This led to a collaborative puppet show style of play involving all the creatures – written and presented by the kids.

You can't quite see the stoat here. He and Leo's precious rabbit are good friends and they spend a lot of time like this!

I was very pleased to hear that this Wednesday group is going so well. It involves mostly children at the younger end of the Kids’ Club range, which is bound to need a bit more adult support. But it seems to be working. Let’s hope I haven’t jinxed it now!

Pearlie and I came home and, at her request, made chocolate cake. Actually, my role was just to have a recipe in my head (I do) and pass things and wash up a bit. Pearlie popped out to the shop for white chocolate buttons to decorate the top. It was very yummy!

While the cake was cooking, and cooling, we played lots of games of cards. Pearlie likes rummy at the moment, and she thrashed me. We also played a game that P calls spit – a kind of simplified racing patience style of game. Pearlie declared that this game must have MSG in it, because you just want to play it more and more once you start!

I had to go to work for the afternoon and evening.

Dani, Pearl and Leo went swimming this afternoon. They had fun on the slide and pootling around. Pearlie did lots of diving down to get stuff from the bottom of the pool. Leo enjoyed jumping in at the deep end.

I got home tonight to find Pearlie just winning a 35mm camera on ebay, which she is very pleased about. Dani and Leo were playing casino (another card game) that is one of my favourites.

I finished reading The Flight of the Silver Turtle to Pearlie tonight. We both loved it. Pearlie has plans to write to the author to tell him.

Leo and Dani finished reading Stories from the Silk Road. This was a Christmas pressie to Leo, and we bought it partly for the illustrations. When I went in to say goodnight Leo was looking through at the pictures, so that was a good buy.

Leo is desperate for a book to arrive that he bought on Amazon marketplace – The Subtle Knife – the sequel to Northern Lights. Sadly, other things keep arriving – but not his book.

Pearlie is reading Tennis Shoes, but not enjoying it as much as other books by that author.

Kids have got a science workshop at Kids’ Club tomorrow – hope it’s good.


Liza said...

Wish I had brought my camera to kids club today, the show and tell and then the furry animals play were fab!

Gill said...

That's a lovely picture of Leo. And the cake pic makes my mouth water!

Gregory said...

The cake looks yummy. I want some!