Friday, January 18, 2008

Mixed bag

Yesterday started with a drama. We’ve been so pleased with all our house changes that it was a horrid shock to wake to water running down the flex of the kitchen light and forming a puddle on the floor. I had a quick scout round under the bath and loo in our old bathroom before deciding that the source had to be P’s new shower room – which is all tiled!

The builders were great. They were with us by 9.30am for a quick look. They went away and spoke to the plumber (who assured them that he’d thoroughly tested everything and it wasn’t his work) and came back to squirt water all round the place in the shower room. It seems that some of the tiles have shifted a bit in the corner where the shower is and the grouting has cracked. They’ll be back to re-do it asap. It is amazing that just a little crack can let through so much water but I saw it happen! If I regularly used the shower I’d have seen the problem and (tbh) would probably have suggested to D that we have a go at re-grouting it ourselves. But I am pleased that they’ll do it because we paid for it and to have it crack after just a couple of months is not good.

I’d been building up a scenario where the false kitchen ceiling was holding gallons of water that was about to come down on our heads – so it was a relief to find that this was not so!

While D and I dealt with the leak stuff the kids went off to a science workshop at Kids’ Club. The guy did some activities about balance, inflated a balloon with carbon dioxide (which is apparently one and half times as heavy as air), made film canister rockets with fizzy vit c tablets and water, did the raisins in lemonade experiment and made a coke/mentos fountain. We’ve done some of that before but the kids liked it. He’s coming again to one of the sessions next week.

I managed to squeeze in a bit of work on my short story but was a rather distracted by builders!

I went off to work for the afternoon and evening.

Leo spent the rest of the day (after Kids’ Club) reading a new book he had bought himself, which had finally arrived from an Amazon Marketplace seller. He has been very taken with the TV programme and was thrilled to find that they were based on books by Jamie Rix – a favourite author. He came down at about 11pm last night to tell us he’d finished it and to fetch his diary so that he could document the fact.

My mum came over in the afternoon to do a bit of French with Pearlie. She has got a referral to the eye hospital to get her cataracts operated on. I’m very pleased about this because her deteriorating sight has been getting in the way of her life. She goes to a weekly Italian evening class at the university and has been finding walking in the dark very tricky. And it’s been getting harder for her to read for any length of time, which is a real hardship for my mum. It sounds a bit scary but Dani’s mum had it done years ago and it worked a treat, so that’s a comfort. Doubtless I shall not be able to resist using all the medical databases at work and attempting to read papers I don’t fully understand (or even understand at all!) but that’s what I always do! Somehow I’m never satisfied with the little leaflets and basic Q and A web sites that patients get offered. Let's just take a moment to appreciate the NHS....

I came home to find people watching Fawlty Towers and eating pasta. So I joined in with both.

It’s raining again here but we need to go out to get a birthday pressie. Another cup of tea first, I think.

Oh, a quick housework update! The kids are doing well with taking responsibility for their own laundry - keeping it in a basket, washing it in the machine, putting it on an airer in their rooms and then putting it away. (I will iron individual items on request.) Dani and I are the ones who keep running out of underwear! People are also doing quite a few little jobs like washing up and sweeping floors. The system of small payments for all jobs is working quite well for all of us at the mo. It is amazing that it actually does make me feel more positive about cleaning the loo if I know I've got 27p for doing so. (Yes, I know it's my money in the first place!)


'EF' x said...

Have been spending a few happy minutes scoffing a tahini, beetroot/mature cheese japati wrap and catching up on your news.

So fab about the evening class, sounds like an absolute heaven to do summat like that:)

Beyondmywildest. said...

Glad the builders are helpful and hope it gets sorted out quick.

Interesting how a small financial reward makes you feel better about doing something (or was that sarcasm? Sorry, I'm useless at hidden meanings). I'm always interested in hearing peoples views on rewards and reward systems because it's another area which I don't find clear cut.