Monday, January 28, 2008

No time for a proper catch up

So this will have to do. Must go and watch Summerhill, make tea, wash up, put nibbles in bowls for knitting group meeting here tonight, so here’s a one sentence per day job:
  • Rest of Wednesday – P & L resolved their differences over the day’s plan and we photographed the planks washed up on the beach, went swimming and popped in at the library
  • Thursday – much less eventful Kids Club session for both kids – new topic is Resistance and Revolution (!) Leo was angelic at parents’ meeting for P’s Woodcraft group in the evening
  • Friday – I went to work. Allie already blogged happy street playing
  • Saturday – Park trip with cousin B. Some ghost hunting, some football.
  • Sunday – The kids and I went on a lovely country walk with the good folks of Craggers. Around 5 miles, from top of Eastbourne Hill, down and along the coast to Birling Gap, where there was a little bit of time to play with more of the washed up wood. Allie rewarded us with a delicious banana cake.
  • Monday – Kids Club again for both kids, as Allie was on the rota. P. went over to the grandmothers, while Leo and I did some more chemistry in the afternoon. Spray starch and iodine experiment didn’t work (it was supposed to be invisible ink) but the other invisible inks were better, and we dropped some iodine on a potato, where it did do its thing with the starch there.


dawny said...

knitting group meeting sounds good - i love to knit and crochet, are there many of you. . . shame i don't live close i'd be there lol :o)

sounds as busy as ever at yours:-)

Jenny said...

I read your blog and would LOVE to live closer to you! Your life and your childrens activities sound so enriching and exciting!Sophie would get on so well with pearlie too I think!