Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Snatching five minutes

Just to say that yesterday recovered itself quite well, once the inevitable anger and disappointment had been aired.

Pearlie and I played chess, and then we all played rummy too. There was lots of chatting.

Then, mid-afternoon, we walked (in the pouring rain) down to the venue for the kids' new writing workshop thingy. We were approaching this was completely open minds and no plan to make it a permanent group. But, actually, the kids both enjoyed it a lot and want to go again next week. The facilitator was amazed that six people aged between seven and ten would want to sit and write quietly for a long stretch but it's a self-selected group of people who like that short of thing! Leo wrote a story and Pearl a poem.

I had a wonderful hour in a cafe. I took a notebook and, as advised by the woman running my short story course, earwigged conversations in a shocking manner. I got a really juicy one too!

In the evening I walked P down to her swimming club. She found it very cold again and I'm not sure if she'll stick with it. They just plough up and down really, once they can swima couple of strokes reliably. The more advanced lanes are all racing. Pearlie likes to twirl about and get things off the bottom and otherwise enjoy the water. We shall see.

I went to my sort story course and that was great. I haven't done an evening class for years and I'm just loving it. The chance to get away from everything else and just focus on one thing, is really liberating. Mind you, I think the resulting story telling in my head all the time is probably the cause of recent absent-mindedness. Yesterday I lost the pot in which we keep the group money. Dani found it under the sink, where I had NO memory of putting it.

Right, off to drop Leo somewhere and make a cake with Pearlie.


a said...

Really glad you are doing a writing course - if you're like me, the 'head-full of stuff' thing will settle after a while of regularly writing and 'getting it out'.
Sounds really good and the kids' writing workshop sounds brilliant.
I can remember P at F's pool party, so cold she couldn't enjoy it - shame if it's not so much fun either, so maybe that one isn't going to work out. Any other swimming options?

Em said...

Was thinking of you guys the other morning, when we had a request for Quorn burgers for breakfast!

Gill said...

Oh, your class did go well! Good!