Sunday, January 06, 2008

Some Pearlie pictures

These done on small pieces of paper (A6). The lower one is drawn from memory - it is a tea room and fountain from a museum in Edinburgh. Pearlie says it is during a fire drill, as there are coats and bags but no people.

We've had a day of walking in the rain to B&Q (paint for our bedroom and some tiles), eating Christmas cake with the grandmothers' (went over to deliver birthday pressie), eating cheese scones and deciding to re-jig the report to the Local Authority. We have done a report for the last couple of years and it's been an uncomfortable hotch potch of divisions by child and by 'subject'. We've decided to do a month by month thing that we'll actually want to keep for ourselves as well as do the job for them.

Got to go now and read bedtime book before bickering escalates further.


Helen said...

Love the museum pic. Looks just like the real thing.

dawny said...

we always have the best of intentions with diaries, keeping it up is difficult isn't it sometimes.
was lovely to find you in my comments box. Hope you all had a nice Christmas and New Year :o)

Gill said...

That's quite a Tolkien-esque tree IMO!