Sunday, January 13, 2008


Life has prevented blogging this week. Let’s see what I can remember…

Leo has started a second session each week at Kids’ Club. He is at this session without Pearl but with several friends he is particularly fond of – so I have high hopes that this will be good. For their first session of the year, they did self-portraits and played several ‘getting to know each other’ type games, as there were several new faces.

When Leo first started at Kids’ Club I think it was great that he had Pearl there. He once told me that he needed her to go and get his beloved rabbit from his bag if he fell over. Now he’s happy to be there without her. This is just the kind of gradual independence that has suited him so well. The kids now have one Kids’ Club session that they both attend and also one each that they go to without their sibling.

The kids started back at Squeezebox, working on a Feist song that Pearlie got on a Christmas cd.

Dani and I have nearly finished our collaborative annual home ed report to send to the Local Authority. I’m leaving Dani to lay it up, using Pagemaker, which is her favourite dtp software.

We are all very happy to have a trip to St Ives to look forward to at this gloomy time of the year. St Ives is my second favourite place in the world, after Brighton.

Pearlie has been moved up at swimming and is now in a colder pool. This is tough on her as she gets cold very quickly, but hopefully they’ll be moving around enough to keep warm. The showers were also broken and only giving cold water – so that didn’t help!

Leo has finished reading Northern Lights. I think I’m next on the list but I’m really supposed to be reading short stories as I’m doing a four session evening class in short story writing. I had the first session last Tuesday and it was great. I encountered a teenager that I know through the world of home ed and a woman that my first (and wildest) girlfriend used to babysit for – twenty years ago! The class was a strange environment but it was wonderful to immerse myself in something so self-indulgent.

I wrote ten or twelve stories years ago, when I did a Certificate in Creative Writing at the University of Sussex. I loved writing them but always felt that I needed to work on plot. I tended to write things that were more about the moment than the story. Hmmmm, well, we’ll see what happens… I have tried really hard to do the planning exercise we’ve been given for the week.

Dani is knitting a gorgeous waistcoat for Leo.

Oh, and having just been pleased to have dropped group commitments we’re thinking of trying out a children’s fiction writing workshop! This is just to see what it’s like, really, but at £1 per session and a 7-12 year old age limit, it is too tempting not to try.

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