Friday, January 04, 2008

Very swift little catch up

I have many other things to be getting on with, so here's the briefest of catch-up posts.

Dani has been
Going to work
Altering a cardigan so it fits me better
Going to a meeting for one of the kids' groups
Making a blog digest for us to use in compiling our report to the local authority

Allie has been
Going to work
Watching old Poirots on the TV
Sorting out another free trial on Education City. I'm still not very keen, but they have some French games that P enjoyed.
Encouraging everyone else to think about a week in Cornwall in the spring, which looks like it might happen!

Pearlie has been
Weaving with a little IKEA loom that we found in room tidying.
Making up an album of her recent photos. Pearlie has a current craze for photography with disposable cameras. She got another one for Christmas.
Reading Noel Streatfield. She was inspired by the boxing day adaptation of Ballet Shoes and read that in a few days. I found her When the Siren Wailed at work, which I think I read to her a few years ago and which she is now enjoying herself. She whizzed through The Secret of the Crocodiles.
Doing a few Education City games.

Leo has been
Making a new graphic novel in a plain note book.
Reading all sorts of things at once.
Playing generally with cuddly creatures, small figures, Sarah Jane Adventures toys - and string etc!

We all went to The Golden Compass, which we enjoyed a lot. I think we might read the books to the kids as bedtime books.

Dani and Leo are enjoying a Chrestomanci book and Pearlie and I are loving The Flight of the Silver Turtle.

Off to cook Leo a Quorn burger - his current breakfast favourite!


Kate said...

Glad you all enjoyed The Golden Compass. IMHO the books are considerably better - much more complex and nuanced storyline than the adventure romp portrayed in the film. Enjoy!

Dani said...

Hello! Leo bought himself Northern Lights today and is already on page 59. The queue to borrow it after him had already formed by the time I got in from work, so I'm at the end of it :-(

Nice to see you here xx

Em said...

I closed your blog page in my rss reader then had to reopen it straight away for a double take. breakfast?!?! lol!!!

Gill said...

Love this post. Blog poetry! Love Poirot too though, of course. :-)

Lucy said...

Noel Streatfield! I loved his books as a child. As I hear the names they come back to me yet when I'm trying to work out what to read Ms R next I draw a blank. Especially when I get all of three minutes to look at childrens books in the library and they all seem to be aimed at teenagers.