Sunday, January 20, 2008

Weaving and walking

We went over to Hove Museum yesterday, to meet my dad at the opening of the new exhibition of Japanese and UK basket weaving. My dad knows a few of the artists in the exhibition, so he had an invitation to the opening. We all loved the work on show; some of the Japanese artists had produced the most amazingly intricate pieces. It was lovely to see Leo’s interpretation of some of the pieces – “a Dragon’s Egg”, “a castle”, “a prison”, “a hive for a finger monster”. Pearlie was inspired to do some very precise weaving of her own with some paper strips the museum had thoughtfully supplied in one of the galleries.

I love Hove Museum all round – they have a very nice little film gallery, where Allie and Leo spent some time watching a magic lantern show. Up in the permanent craft gallery there were intriguing drawerfuls of basket-making equipment and materials. And I found a computer screen with old photographs of Brighton & Hove, which I must remember to investigate further next time we go.

We all came home for tea and a chat. Pearlie and my dad did a bit of investigation of pendulums, and she is planning to produce a graph showing the relationship between length and period. Meanwhile, Leo dashed off this lovely picture.

Today started with a bit of a panic when we realised we had slept in until 11 – only half an hour before Allie had to leave for work! The rest of us decided to get up a bit more slowly and then to do our own penny hike in our neighbourhood. We know about penny hikes from Woodcraft Folk – you start out walking and toss a coin at each corner to decide which way to go. It was lovely – we discovered an alleyway between two streets that we had never seen before, and explored a driveway we’ve been wanting to investigate for ages.

Later, Pearlie went swimming by herself at the local pool, where she bumped into a couple of girls she knows from round and about and had a nice play.

Leo has taken to putting out of order signs on everything. These are getting more and more bizarre. Here’s a selection for your amusement!


Shirl said...

Lovely drawing and I had a good giggle at the out of order signs!

Liza said...

Andrew and I both giggled lots at the signs. He puts them up at ckc too!
Flipping a coin at corners sounds horribly scary, I would most definitely get lost if I did that!!

Nic said...

Leo's signs are fab, love them and their surreal feel! Is that the Booth Museum in Hove? I've been looking at it online as a friend told me about it and I'd not realised it even existed before then.

Penny hikes sound great fun, the roads round here are very grid like and I don't think it would be so much fun but a great idea to try someone less familiar.

Jenny said...

Fantastic signs! Made us giggle loads!

Dani said...

Nic - no, not the Booth Museum, that is quite a different proposition! Equally well loved round here, but somewhat bizarre, with all those stuffed birds. Hove Museum is further into Hove, and has temporary exhibitions of contemporary craft, plus permanent collections of craft, toys, history of film, and local history of Hove.

a said...

I love Leo's signs!
I think F would really enjoy the idea of the penny hike, might stick that on my list for future reference.

alison said...

Lol, love the adverbs :)

We had a pleasant evening last summer doing a penny hike after stealing the idea from you ;-) Although we did cheat a couple of times to avoid going round in circles!

'EF' x said...

Lovely Leo drawings again, he has a real talent for the detail.

Nick said...

Might suggest a penny hike to our woodies group. Got a question, though: are you allowed to stop and go home when you get tired, or do you have to wait until the penny leads you back down your own road? I've got a feeling that might take a while.