Monday, February 18, 2008

At our house

Monday 18th February

Time for a bit of reflection here… How are we doing?

Leo is heading into a new obsession – His Dark Materials. He has read the first two books and is now about three chapters into The Amber Spyglass. He is carrying this everywhere in his rucksack – with his daemon (TC, his cuddly stoat), an old kids’ telescope that is actually broken, a plastic toy dagger (the subtle knife) and a compass (alethiometer) wrapped in flannels. As usual, he is very happy to be in the throes of all this.

He is also happily doing housework for cash at the moment. His washing up has come on a treat and he is always on top of his laundry.

Pearlie is enjoying lots of play with kids around her age, at the moment. She is also very into making notes about things – things she sees and hears. She spent a while writing down bus numbers as we went about the place (vehicle numbers, not route numbers) and is often to be found lagging behind as she writes something down in her notebook. As usual, she is very interested in current affairs, especially local things, and often tells me about things she has read in the local paper. She wants to play rummy most of the time. She is very grown up somehow. I can’t believe that eleven is approaching…

Dani is working on a big celtic knot bedspread for us. She loves knitting celtic knots. She’s also valiantly painting all the woodwork in our room, as I’m nervous of being around the paint.

I’m working on the walls in our room– a sunny yellow. I’m planning a new yellow duvet set and lampshade. We always buy those cheap paper ones – and never clean them. They dissolve in a mass of dust and scraps of brittle paper! I’m getting excited about a three hour caourse in flash fiction that I’m going on this coming weekend.

Work is busy for both of us – but we’re looking forward to some holidays this year. We’re off to St Ives next month. In April we’re doing an overnight in Bath – where we’re hoping to buy Pearlie a folding bike for birthday. There’s HESFES in the summer, and we might fit in some more camping too – depending on the weather. We’re not going abroad as we need to get some more work done in the house.

House jobs on the list are: new fuse box, new rendering on the front of the house and clearing out and re-insulating the loft. I don’t imagine we’ll get all these done this year.

The kids are spending some time making comical pictures this evening – cutting up newspapers. Drawing on/defacing newspapers and cutting them up has long been a favourite with P and L. I love it – it’s free!

I am happier with our weekly schedule of groups and commitments at the moment than I have been for a long time. I have realised that we need to be prepared for pretty much constant change round here – as the kids grow and change. I am always slow to recognise them changing. Why is this? You’d think I’d have realised by now that that is the one aspect of life with kids that you can guarantee!


a said...

I have the same surprise at each change and retrospective realization: 'Oh she's changed!' - ridiculous isn't it? Keeps us on our toes though.
Enjoy the writing, sounds a good course.
Celtic knots are beautiful, must be challenging to knit, but very rewarding.

Nic said...

That was a nice happy and 'up' post :) Life sounds good for you all. Miss seeing Allie and Leo weekly IRL but agree about better balance of groups - ours seems better at the moment too.

Gill said...

Ditto with the paper lightshades! And with the not realising they're changing. I hope you achieve all your ambitions this year xx

Lisa G said...

You all sound very happy and content. Girl 2 is also nearly 11, next month in fact, and I know what you mean, she seems to be growing up suddenly, scary as she's the younger of my two girls!