Friday, February 01, 2008

Catchily uppiting again

It’s been an up and down sort of week here. Things have felt a bit of an effort and a worry and so on. But, anyway, here’s a brief run down…


Dani didn’t mention that the kids and I made bird cakes at Kids’ Club. I was on the rota. Bird cakes are still in the fridge, where they’re not doing local birds any good at all!
D’s knitting group came in the evening and I sat around like a woman who doesn’t knit…


Kids had a Squeezebox session, where they are working on five (or is it six?) new songs at once. We popped up to the park, where I managed to make someone else’s child cry with a penguin biscuit. Leo had just got to happy playing with someone he often falls out with and then Pearlie wanted to go. Such is life! Then I took them both to their kids’ writing group. I have no real idea what happens there, as I go and sit in a café, but they seem to enjoy it. They write and read stuff aloud – much like an adult group – but I think they also play some wordy games. I drank tea and wrote lots myself.
I went to the last session in my writing course and shared a piece of work. I was encouraged to re-work it and try submitting it to a literary magazine. I’m sad the course is over but looking forward to a three hour session on flash fiction, which I’m doing in a few weeks.


Leo went to kids’ club and flitted in and out of a photography workshop. I think he knew he’d have a chance to do it on the Thursday so he chose to play outside quite a lot instead. Pearlie and I went to B&Q to get varnish and some lovely sparkly stickers. These are for decorating the loo seat. I bought a new seat recently (the old one having become hazardous to health and nerve wracking!) and P was sad that the new one is plain white. It won’t be for long.
I was at work for the afternoon and evening but Dani and the kids went to the library and had cousins round for tea.


Both kids went to kids’ club for the photography workshop and really enjoyed it. P is very into photography at the moment but it has to be film – she isn’t interested in the digital camera.
My mum popped in in the afternoon to do some French with P. Leo worked on a new set of comics called The Robber.
Pearlie went to Woodies in the evening. This was apparently great and involved much hilarity.


The kids and I have spent today at home. Pearlie really wanted a friend to play with but didn’t manage to find anyone who was available to come round. We’ve played some games – rummy and Chinese chequers. We’ve discussed approaches to home ed, learning, life, emotions and behaviour. This led on to Gandhi, resistance, violence and religion. Now P is making a chocolate cake and L is painting a cloth bag with fabric paint.

Bits and bobs

Leo is doing lots of housework at the moment, particularly washing up.

Pearlie and I are reading Let the Circle be Unbroken. This is quite dense and complex. It has a lot in it about Roosevelt’s new deal and all that – and how it was experienced by the sharecroppers and small farmers in the southern states during the depression. This is all tied up with the politics of race and leads to lots of talking.

Leo and Dani are really loving Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. Last night, they were telling me and Pearlie all about how Dionysus was sewn into the thigh of Zeus when he was a foetus. Those Greek myths are weird!

We’re off swimming this evening, so I’d better go and pack up a bag.


Anonymous said...

Those Greek myths are very weird ! Also the Norse and Viking ones. Theo comes up with some extraordinary nuggets gleaned from myths n legends library audiobooks.


Little Green Pig said...

Hi Allie, we're getting the Little Green Pig blog up and running so take a look and I hope it will give you a bit more of an idea about what we do there! Leo asked if we could link to his blog on it too. Hope to see Pearl again soon.