Friday, February 08, 2008

Dragons and noodles and lucky

We had a grand time at home ed group. There was yummy veg and noodles to eat and people made dragons a bit. There was a chat about a possible new group option for Pearlie and other kids her age. I wonder sometimes how different it would be to be home edding somewhere without the big community. I don’t think it would suit Pearlie at all – she’d get lonely, I reckon.

When we got home Leo watched some TV and flopped about a bit. He’d been involved in some wild dodge-ball game in the sports hall at group. Pearlie went to the shop and bought some new chalks. Then she set about decorating the pavement – something she’s loved since about the age of three. The grandson of a neighbour was in the street and she brought him in for a bit. After he’d gone she said that he couldn’t seem to grasp the idea of home ed at all and kept asking her “HOW!” she learned things.

This evening we went to an RSPB road show, where the children demonstrated that they do, somehow, manage to learn things! They had their hands up pretty much non-stop to answer bird, and other wildlife, related questions. They were wonderfully lucky when the prizes were being drawn from all those who completed correct quiz sheets – and both won things. An added bonus was that the woman read out Pearl’s complete name correctly, first time, which is unheard of! We were also pleased to hear that there is going to be a Wildlife Explorers club opening up in our town. Mind you, some of the activities look like things we’ve already done to death here. But then again, the two bird boxes and one bat box languishing in the back porch have so far failed to attract any wildlife. Perhaps we should try actually putting them up in the garden.

Oh, and we sent off our form for HESFES tickets tonight. I have developed an unhealthy interest in camping equipment. Somehow, I like the idea of camping gadgets when their kitchen equivalents leave me cold – is this just me? Because we need to buy a new tent I am planning on a few other, select, purchases too. P and I spent some time ogling really tiny, but gorgeous looking, camping mats in a shop last week. One of our main sports when camping has become scoffing at the chairs, tables, beds, duvets and so on, of people who travel by car! There is a certain stoic pleasure to be had in squatting on the muddy ground in waterproof trousers when people all around have furniture. Well, let’s face it, there has to be some pleasure or you might start wondering why you were using your annual leave sitting in a muddy field at all…


Sarah said...

oh, we're going to that RSPB show in a couple of weeks when it is here, glad to hear it was good.

Interesting your comment about HE without the large community. I am sure that is partly why my children have preferred school over HE, Anna especially.

Gill said...

Yes I sometimes think Lyddie might need a spell at school for the same reason. She's not keen yet though, thank goodness.

Allie, your last sentence had me in stitches! I can relate to the unhealthy interest in camping gear though - I get it whenever we camp, rare though that is! We do fill the car with duvets though *blush*

peri said...

*hand up* I love my reclining camping chair and that's all there is to it! It's the perfect vantage point for nosey at other peoples tents and camping equipment, I use the cup holder for my knitting wool and I can feign sleep in it when small people are being a pain in the butt and they then go and bug the other adults. I also adore my all in one blow up camping bed - the matress is built into the sleeping bag and it is, without a doubt, the warmest option I have found - very important when camping on open land in the wilds of Dartmoor. I giggle at the people in their one main caterpillar tents - one man's meat etc. ;-D

alison said...

Mmmm, camping gadgetry :) No, certainly not alone!