Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Not about the PM

The other day we were all sitting in a cafe in town. They were playing a selection of 1980s music. Pearlie asked us what this song was called and who it was by. We told her. She knew it must be old if we could identify it - so she asked when it was released and I said:

"About 1984, I think."

Look of confusion on P's face.

"But Gordon Brown wasn't Prime Minister then was he?"

I'll never listen to it in the same way again.


Pete said...


Really, Google "Gordon Brown, texture like sun..."

Never a frown, with Gordon Brown... why did he not use it as his theme song, I don't know.

Well, apart from using a song about dope, and that.

Allie said...

I guessed she wouldn't have been the first to hear it that way. But she genuinely thought that is what they were singing - rather than being a witty adult.

I was always told it was about heroin. I loved it with quite a different interpretation of the lyrics though - as I'm sure plenty of people did.

Sharon said...

Oh that's fantastic. Yep, that song will always make think of the PM now too!

dawny said...

oooh chuckle , love it , said thing is I tried to share the joke with Lana and she just looked at me as if i was ancient. xobdt