Monday, February 25, 2008

On the bus home from work...

you don't wish to be travelling with approx fifty students on their way to carnage uk. The only thing to be happy about is that I was not on the night bus with them travelling back to campus.

The stuff on their website about safety and knowing limits is total crap. I was travelling with students at 8pm, many of whom were already drunk. Most of the girls had ripped their t-shirts to expose as much flesh as possible - so they were freezing. Lots of them were swigging wine from the bottles (one bottle each!) or drinking super-strength lager. Oh, and they all had these charming t-shirts with a tick box for each venue visited and some for other exciting activities like 'three-way snog' or 'I spanked a school girl/boy'. The whole thing looked like one big invitation to a nasty night out - and possibly something much worse.

I don't wish to look like a prude - and I've done many a dodgy thing in my time. But events like this are money spinners for their organisers and play on the insecurities of young people who want to fit in. I really hate this sort of corporate crap that surrounds students these days.


'EF' x said...

You are not appearing like a prude, you are appearing like a mother who cares about what happens to people.

Re: girls on buses in that state...t shirts wine etc...well, it's all so popular and acceptable to raise hell these days. it's rather taken the shine off the guilt and regret I have always felt for creating such scenes in public as that, but in those days, see, I was the only one.

Gals just got hardcore and lack of imagination mainstream.

Sad. Where is Mary Whitehouse when we need her? EEK. It's middle age Allie ;) It makes us realise that our actions can lead to one thing of another.

Gill said...

I think Tom's decided to give uni a miss now. I've got to say - although I carefully didn't try to put him off the idea - it's stories like this that make me glad he has. If he has.