Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Some highlights and irritations


Leo finished a maths workbook and found there was a pull out game in the back. He took the (battleships sort of) game round and played it with my mum at the grandmothers’ house. I walked him over there and we told each other scary ghost/monster stories all the way. He got very caught up in a chilling tale with hideous creatures and his telling was wonderfully physical – involving leaping and bounding and so on.

Meanwhile, P was at Kids’ Club where she was colouring pictures of birds. Pearlie loves birds – never sure if I mention that on here! She spotted some blue tits today, which we watched for a bit.

In the afternoon, Dani and Pearlie had decided to go to the Magistrate’s Court to watch a case. Sadly, they weren’t allowed in, as P is under fourteen. Pearlie was understandably angry but they decided to go on a long bike ride instead – as it was sunny here. They rode along the seafront, deep into Hove, and back.


The weather on Tuesday was crap – every time we were outside it seemed to be raining on us. We had a lovely, lunchtime invite round to a local home ed friend’s house, where pancakes were in full swing.

Then we set off to Squeezebox, where the kids enjoyed a band session and then Leo had a one to one session too.

Pearlie had gone back to the pancake party for a bit, but there wasn’t time for Leo and me to make it there and back again before their writing group.

We met Pearlie on an agreed street corner and I dropped her and Leo off at writing group. It was really bucketing it down – so I ran to the nearest cafĂ© and drank tea. Kids worked on pancake themed stories.

I was tired and grumpy in the evening, but managed to pull myself together enough to produce twelve pancakes for family consumption. Pearlie, in particular, loves pancakes, which she spreads with peanut butter. Leo loves the excuse to eat a lot of sugar and lemon!


Leo went to Kids’ Club, where he had a lovely session.

Pearlie and I played loads of rummy and drank tea. Then we had to rush back to Kids' Club as there was someone coming to sort out CRB forms. That is an administrative nightmare, somewhat like applying for a passport, but lots of people got sorted. Then there was a parents’ meeting to discuss things like fundraising and other admin.

This afternoon, Dani and Pearlie went to get haircuts. I am on leave for a couple of days and was intending to carack on with some decorating. But I fell asleep instead! While I dozed, Leo did some work on a comic, washed up the lunch dishes, swept the kitchen and bathroom floors and then did his laundry! I did rouse myself and clean out Bunny's house and tidy our bedroom in preparation for lots of decorating tomorrow.

Dani and I are off out tonight to an Ourstory event.

Finally, here are the pizzas we made for tea tonight. Pearlie’s was a plain tomato sauce, mozzarella and herb pizza, Leo’s had quorn ham and sweetcorn – and Dani and I had everything we could find in the fridge. This was a very quick, and tasty, tea as we used bought bases, but great for a mid-week treat.


grit said...

i have to say that after a day of eating utter rubbish, those pizzas of yours are looking rather delicious. any left?

Allie said...

Nope, they were rather small and got snaffled up immediately!