Sunday, February 10, 2008

Weather, weekend, work

The weather has been so wonderful this weekend – but, sadly, I’ve been at work both days. I have managed to grab some time walking into work in the sunshine and even sitting basking a bit.

On Saturday I came downstairs to find Leo on the pc – with the remains of some independently created breakfast (apple and rice krispies) beside him. He told me he was planning a project on the Bermuda Triangle and had already found someone’s ‘research’ on the internet! He reserved a book from the library.

Dani took the kids into town, which was alive with buskers. They popped into the museum and then ate bagels for lunch. Pearl and Leo went to the theatre with cousins and grandmothers, to see Danny the Champion of the World. The kids said it was very good. Dani did some satinwood painting in our bedroom – something I’m trying to avoid since a hideous migraine in December. The smell of the paint was still strong at bedtime – so we slept on the living room floor.

Today the kids played with cousins all day. Dani went for a little walk nearby alone – as none of the kids wanted to go!

We had a conversation tonight about politics, belief and actions. This was prompted by the kids getting involved with the delivery of Labour Party literature, when they were round at their cousins’ house. Pearlie came up with some good arguments.

I keep meaning to mention that we are all enjoying Lark Rise to Candleford on TV on Sunday evenings. We also all watch Rosemary and Thyme on Saturday nights. That is a bit of a comedy take on the detective drama, but I can’t resist the sunshine, flowers and Felicity Kendal.

Dani splashed out on an Ocado shop tonight. She only spent as much as we normally do on a Tesco shop but we’ll have to see how much food that actually is!

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alison said...

Lol, hope you don't starve this week then ;-)