Monday, February 04, 2008

Weekend and Wifeswap

Leo had a friend round on Saturday afternoon. He had a really lovely time. He and friend played for hours with Doctor Who figures and other toys, and friend showed Leo the delights of Primeval on DVD.

Pearlie and I went to town in search of a cardigan and new tights for her. We found a lovely dress too – she looks gorgeous in it. Dani gave me waist and inside leg measurements and Pearlie and I got her men’s trousers in M&S. It is very simple buying trousers like that. Sadly, I am too short and too curvy to wear men’s trousers. Dani and I both struggle with ever buying clothes at all and it was actual holes in garments that forced us to consider it this time! I couldn’t stand the idea of the whole changing room experience, so I went on the Lands’ End website clearance section and bought clothes there. They will hem them to my ridiculous inside leg measurement.

We got home to fresh baked bread rolls – yum.

In the evening, Dani and I found a tape of Capturing Mary, which we’d taped off the tv ages ago and lost! We were gripped and it reminded us both of real life situations, which kept us up late discussing youth, control, abuse and more.

I went to work on Sunday, where I was frantically trying to clear things a bit as I have some days off in this coming week.

Dani and the kids went down to the Pavilion, where it was free entry day. Sadly, the queue was so long they couldn’t face it, so they went to play at cousins’ house instead.

They had popped into the gift shop, where Leo bought himself a compass. It was rather cheap and bits have fallen off already. Leo wants a beautiful compass for his birthday – inspired by His Dark Materials, of course!

Pearlie is off to Kids’ Club today and Leo is having a slow morning. He’s having some trouble getting to sleep at night.

Oh, and last night Dani and I watched Wifeswap as there was a home edding family on it. I was, as usual, totally amazed that anyone would put themselves (never mind their children) through such an ordeal. No-one gets shown at their best and no-one ever seems to move very far from where they started. Interesting, though, as I have often thought that one of the situations where I would be tempted to encourage the children into school would be if we were living in a country where people spoke something other than English.

Right, off to feed the boy egg and get on with the day.


Em said...

I managed to watch about 10 mins of wife swap before turning it over, saying to M all the while - why do people do this? It isn't a program I'd usually manage to watch, although I did watch Sam Fox make Freddie Star look like a complete twunt from start to finish.

Liza said...

I can't stand wife swap, fair enough if the adults want to do a week of partner swapping but it's not fair on the poor kids.
I didn't see last nights one but there was an episode last year with home edders on and the visiting parent forced the home edded kid to go to school. I was shouting at the tv for that episode -not at the visiting mum, but at the kids dad who agreed to it and then told the poor crying child that it would make her see how good she has it at home.

Urgh at clothes shopping, I hate it!

Andrew's loving primeval too at the moment.

'EF' x said...

Oh I so miss crap english teevee. I spose if we hooked up a satellite or got one of those digital thingies or fixed the teevee so it could recieve channels or decided to pay for teevee license (we don't pay cos we don't watch and have been through endless hooha to prove it)..perhaps there would be a slight chance the odd wifeswap prog. would pass my way. It sounds fascinating.

Re school in non english speaking lands..that is kind of what I set out to do here, and then the kids learnt the language to fluent in three months and that was that really. All downhill with school from then on.