Friday, February 22, 2008

Weird week

It’s been a strange week here – as half term knocks out some of our group activities.

On Monday we had a slow morning. Pearlie tidied her room – uncovering her lovely purple rug from under all the stuff.

I took Leo over to the grandmothers’ house (stopping off myself for potato omelette and delicious cinnamon rice pudding!) Once Dani had finished at work – at lunchtime – she and Pearlie went to a friend’s house for tea and chat. I did some more emulsion painting in our bedroom, which is finally looking more yellow than green!

Leo arrived home with a cardboard box bed/car for his daemon (cuddly stoat). This included a pocket with mini copies of the Dark Materials books for his stoat to read.

Yesterday we spent some time tidying the living room. I’m also on a mission to get to the bottom of the mums’ laundry basket. Typically, the kids are having no trouble keeping up with their laundry, which is showing up our laziness!

I took the kids down to Squeezebox. They are working very hard on their new songs. One of them is Sunny Afternoon, by the Kinks, which has imprinted itself on my brain. Leo stayed on for a one to one session, which really helps him in the band. Pearlie had already gone off to the park with the rest of the band, so Leo and I went to join her there. It was the birthday of a home ed friend, so there were scones for sharing – yum! I was once again struck by how lucky we are here. Pearlie ran off with ten or twelve kids to play wild games in the bushes. Leo pottered about, on his own, and I chatted to people.

In the evening, we got our weekly shop delivered, from Ocado. We seem to be managing ok, so far, and I like the food! There seem to be more delivery slots on offer with them, and the booking is for a specific hour, rather than the two hour slot from Tesco. We made ourselves pizzas again. This is very popular here at the moment. We bought two mozzarellas to put on them, and some fresh herbs. Mind you, it just makes me realise what a terrible rip-off takeaway pizza is!

I did a bit more painting in our room. Pearlie requested the Brio (mostly fake Brio, actually!) train track down off a high shelf. She and Leo enjoyed playing with it over the next day or so.

On Wednesday, Dani and the kids went up to the Booth Museum, where they have a new display on Victorian taxidermy. But the best bit was when they asked about Stoats (for Leo) and got taken, by a curator, up into the museum store room – which is full of stuffed animals of all kinds. They were shown all sorts of fascinating/upsetting things – like a case full of humming birds. We’ve talked quite a lot since about how time changes what we see as pleasant or amusing.

We had a friend round in the evening and drank lots of tea and chatted.

On Thursday cousins S and D came round to play in the morning. This was happy and fun for three hours and the kids were just getting to the point of falling out when it was time for the play date to end, which was lucky!

Today, the kids and I went to the big home ed drop-in group. I took wool and lolly sticks to make God’s Eyes. This was remarkably popular! We had planned to go to the family swim this evening but the pool is closed for maintenance.

I’m feeling a bit below par – bunged up and my legs ache. It doesn’t seem to be turning into anything worse, thank goodness. Leo had a headache this morning but has been fine for the rest of the day.

So, that was our week.

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