Friday, March 28, 2008

Back in the swing

Well, it’s been a busy week here – getting back into the swing of things.

Pearlie has been to Kids’ Club once this week, where she had a wild time running the new go-cart through paint and then over paper. She enjoyed swimming on Wednesday. She and I did some of a funny little 1960s book of punctuation exercises. She learned the hard way about checking pockets before washing her clothes and pulped a notebook in the washing machine. She’s blogging occasionally on her new(ish) blog. She's excited about going to an event tonight where friends are playing.

Leo has been enjoying spending his birthday money. Here he is enjoying purchase.

He also did painting at Kids’ Club and, on a different day, made a fabulous piece of art in the sandpit – using sticks and so on. He went to writing group and wrote this:

Hill hiker
Trash eater
Badger beater
Roller upper
Quick Supper
Food hider
Foot slider
Nest finder
Twig binder

Can you guess the animal?

He is working on a new set of comics all about Milo the Smilodon and also made one about Mustelid Man today.

He’s also back in full-on prank mode. These were in the fridge.

I have been writing. I went to a new group, after an invite from my friend E. It was great and really inspired me. I entered two competitions on Thursday. Apart from that, I’ve been back at work and feeling very tired in the evenings.

Dani has also been back at work. She took the kids to the swimming pool and library on Wednesday. On Thursday, they went to town to shop and drop in films for developing. P is spending most of her money on developing films at the moment but she was pleased to get some free ones as part of a deal.

Kids are doing secret things in Leo’s room and it has been quiet for hours now. Oh well, I’ll enjoy Poirot in peace.

Here's a lovely photo that P took the other night.


Liza said...

oops forgot about the pics of leos sand art, will mail them now!

Nic said...


Allie said...

Yep! Nic's right.

emma said...

I guessed hedgehog too.

And DIGITAL CAMERA!!!!! Just a god-send with small people who are photographically inclined.

Allie said...

Hi Emma,

Yes, we have got one but P prefers to use film.

alison said...

Leo bought a *washing basket* with his birthday money??? ;-)

Thought the hedgehog poem was very good.

Allie said...

Yes, just for sitting in, or course. Luckily, we have three so we can spare one for this activity, from time to time.