Sunday, March 02, 2008

Birds, bunnies and blossom

We ventured over to Pulborough Brooks RSPB reserve today – to our shame, the first time we’ve been there since the kids joined the RSPB two years ago. It was quite a big excursion for us, as the two trains and a bus needed to get there didn’t connect up very well, and the total journey took about three hours each way.

It was lovely when we got there, though. The weather was bright and cold, and there were hundreds of birds and other wild creatures. There were rabbits everywhere – the kids got very close to one particularly relaxed one.

Leo spotted newts in a pond.

We all enjoyed the views.

Pearlie got some great photos of spring blossom…

… and friendly cows.

I think we’ll go back, though we may investigate different methods of getting there. Paying £5.10 to travel on the bus for less than five minutes was a bit galling, so we may do that bit on foot next time.

Allie and the kids spent most of the day at home yesterday. They all collaborated on the First News crossword, and Allie made some yummy cheese scones. Pearlie went to play at the cousins’ house for a little while in the afternoon.

In the evening, they went swimming, while I made pasties for tea and today’s packed lunch. Swimming was eventful, as the relief lifeguard forgot to come up from the town centre pool, causing a delay to the start of the session and free swimming for everyone who was kept waiting. In an apparent epidemic of forgetfulness, Leo then discovered he hadn’t put his swimming trunks in his bag, and had to borrow some from the lost property at the pool.

He is quite distracted lately... This evening, Allie suggested that he go and wash his hands before tea. He went up to the bathroom and came back a few minutes later, then stopped and said "Oh! I brushed my teeth by mistake!"


'EF' x said...

That is quite the most beautiful cow picture! Really lovely creatures they are. IKWYM regarding bus fares, we'd rather walk for an hour to the nearest village than pay what is about five quid for a ten min journey in a speeding bus!

Michelle said...

lol at Leo! Quite often Clo is sent to do her teeth, finds herself in the bathroom and washes her hands instead having forgotten why she was there.

I find your blog quite tricky to read sometimes as the pics of the kids don't correlate with their activities and I have to remind myself that they are quite a bit older than pictured!

Polly said...

It's good to brush your teeth anyway.

Di said...

(Polly is reading over my shoulder and made that last comment.)

Gill said...

I LOLed at Leo too, because it's the kind of thing I do all the time!