Tuesday, March 25, 2008

British Museum

We got up as early as we could stand yesterday. We were all rather tired – I guess a day travelling from Cornwall, a day frantically preparing for a party and a day having that party had worn us out a bit! We’d also all stayed up late on Sunday night – P watching the No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency with us and Leo watching his new DVD of Primeval series one.

We spent rather a lot on train fares, to make up for the cheap tickets to Cornwall, I guess… Dani was working on the Guardian cryptic Easter crossword, Pearlie and I largely failing to do the quick one in the local paper, and Leo mostly playing with his Iorek Byrnison figure. There were beautiful snow flurries as we went through Croydon.

The main reason Leo chose a trip to the British Museum was that he wanted to have a good look at the Ancient Egyptian stuff. I have to say that I felt it was better than the stuff in the Tutankhamun exhibition we went to in December. The museum was packed, which was a bit of a shame, but at least we’re all old enough to cope with that now. I really felt for the people with buggies, or small people who just couldn’t maintain their interest.

We also looked round the Romans in Britain gallery, which includes the Mildenhall Treasure. I remember reading the kids a Roald Dahl book that tells the story of its discovery. The whole idea of finding treasure is so exciting, isn’t it? When I was a kid, I was always sure that I’d find some one day.

We had a good look at a gallery all about money, which P particularly enjoyed. There was a man in there with some genuine artefacts that the kids could handle. He told them interesting things. I have to say, I like real people better than interactive touch-screen thingies when it comes to making museum collections more accessible. I suppose there’s a place for both.

Part of our birthday present to Leo was a promise to buy him something in the museum shop, but he didn’t find anything he wanted. So we’ve given him the cash to add to his birthday stash.

We had managed to eat all of our picnic food on arrival at the museum, and people were getting hungry again, so we had to buy bagels at Victoria. We got a bus home from the station. I made lots of spaghetti (I guess the cold is making people hungrier than usual?) and then the kids found an old Harry Hill stand-up video to watch. I started to feel very odd, took a Pink Migraleve and fell asleep on the sofa. Dani tipped us all into bed about nine and probably sat up doing her crossword. She’s back to work today.

Kids have got Squeezebox later, followed by writing group for Leo. This evening, I’m off to try out at a new writing group too. A friend has kindly asked her group if they’ll let me come along. Typically, as the house is unusually tidy, I have lost my notebook. Better go and look for it and remind Leo that there is a limited time for keyboard practice.


Grit said...

the british museum is a great place except when it's packed ... and at this point i can say life will be much calmer when the kids will be back at school. in fact i get a wicked pleasure from saying that to the other mums in the co-op.

Claire said...

Allie, just read your comment on my blog about L Word. If you want to e-mail me through my website (link on blog to Anara Toys) I can send you the dvd's you haven't seen. I have Season 1,2,3 & 4 box sets and have downloaded and burnt to disc most of Season 5 which just ended on Sunday.

'EF' x said...

The British Museum! Oh I am getting tears of yearning in my eyes, I LOVE that place, went there loads of times when i was a nipper (am I imagining that it used to be free to get in?).

Dani said...

It's still free, EF, apart from special exhibitions. I think it would easily be possible to live there for a month and still feel like you hadn't really got to grips with it all.

Thanks for that kind offer, Claire! We've emailed you :-)

Gill said...

That's a very inspiring post! Years since we've been to London.