Friday, March 07, 2008

Fledgling vegan?

Pearlie is thinking of becoming a vegan. She’s never eaten meat or fish, but we do eat dairy produce and eggs. As she learns more about the production of these things, she’s less keen to eat them. So, we’re on something of a fact finding mission.

If she goes ahead with this she’ll be the only one of us four to do it. Dani and I have long since reconciled ourselves to the contradictions of our ovo-lacto, vege dietary choices. Leo loves eggs, milk and various cheeses, so there’s no way he’ll be joining her. He also likes quorn, which has egg in it. Not to mention milk chocolate!

We are very lucky to know a lot of vegans, from whom we can get info – and from whom Pearlie can get support. These include two healthy vegan boys – both very fit and strong – which calms my fears a little. Pearlie isn’t planning an overnight conversion here – which I think is wise. She’s going to drop and replace things gradually. There is a vegan society approved supplement she can take - with all the vits and minerals in - if we decide that's wise.

I think the toughest thing will be all the cakes, sweets and biscuits that will become no-go areas for her. It is perfectly possible to make yummy vegan versions of these, but you have to get round to it! The days of jaffa cakes, malted milk bics and galaxy will be over.

Anyway, this is her choice to make and we’ll see what happens. It’s a valuable thing to see how far you can go for things you believe in. I’m sure it’s easier for children raised as vegan from babyhood, who have never eaten a bar of Cadbury dairy milk – but we’ll see.

Today we have been to the big, drop-in home ed group. It was a bit quiet, because lots of people have gone on a skiing trip. But there were new people, as there often are. The kids did loads of playing football (and other wild ball games, I think!) in the sports hall. I don’t set foot in there if I can help it – too many bad memories associated with such places.

Yesterday, Dani helped out at Kids’ Club, as the play worker was ill. There were three parents helping and, luckily, the kids divided themselves into three groups. Leo, and two other boys around his age, started making a Kids’ Club newspaper. Pearlie took pictures of other people dancing, and building an obstacle course, for a photo supplement to the newspaper. I cleared up the tip that was the living room, washed up, and did a bit of work on a story.

Leo is hacking away at one of those ‘dig a dino’ kits in his bedroom. Experience has taught me that I’d better be available to help with hoovering in an hour or so… He’s having a mini-revival of interest in dinosaurs. Yesterday he got Walking with Dinosaurs, on DVD, from the library and watched the whole thing. When he was four we damn near wore out the old, library VHS tapes! This is being prompted by a Kids’ Club topic (dinos/prehistoric beasts/reptiles), which is nice. It turns out there are lots of other kids there who are, or have been, dinosaur obsessed. It’s good to share. Between them, they have a wonderful library of books.

Right, off to do useful things. I really do want to get that washing out the machine and put it on the airer…


a said...

Good luck to Pearl with the veganizing!
Let me know if I can help at all

Allie said...

Thanks! I'll pass that on to her. We now have cheezly in the fridge for the first time...

HelenHaricot said...

its the eggs that are the most difficult thing from baking. dairy free pretty easy. i make a yummy vegan carrot cake. chris was vegan when we met. a lot of our meals are still vegan. the dairy comes usually outside the meal.haver ecipes onb log [ not many]

Anonymous said...

Being vegan is so much easier in the home ed community IMHO.
DD1 became vegan at about the age of 12-fortunately like you, we had friends to advise.
then over the years Dh needed a fat free diet for health reasons, I was dairy free and dd2 was veggie.
The easiest way to cope was to produce vegan meals-and once I did that and discovered how tasty it can be-and after the recent TV programmes on food production, which convinced dd2 we are all vegan now......except Ds who is the biggest meat eater in the world still!

Anyway the two websites I have found most helpful are
a vegan home ed family blog-who have been sooooo helpful in answering my questions about vaccines for vegans etc. The blog links to their vegan family house blog.
But then maybe you already know about it.
When you google there are actually loads of vegan blogs for ideas.

Home Education in Worcestershire

Minnie said...

Aw, bless her:O)

Dd is mostly veggie but has the odd lapse. I'm really lucky, though as she loves fruit, nuts and veg.

Eggs are the downfall for us, but we buy them from people with "happy chickens" where we know that the animals will not be killed once their egg-laying days are over and allowed to live out their lives normally. Cheese is hard to give up, too. Some of the vegan cheeses are a bit dire, but we haven't much of a choice in hill billy land.

Oatly milk is nice, better than soya I think.

There are some really cool vegan sites out there:O) Some are quite addictive! You can get a free educational cd from the Vegan Society website. It sort of brings it home to you!

Beyondmywildest. said...

Good luck to Pearl.
I like the idea of cutting out dairy products but I'm not sure what I'd be left with.

I like the updated photos, interesting to see you and Dani haven't got any bigger or older ;-)

Lynn said...

Hi Allie and Dani,
I have passed on a blog award and if you pop over to mine you can pick it up if you would like.xx

Dani said...

Thank you so much, Lynn. We are honoured!