Thursday, March 13, 2008

Go West!

We’re off to St. Ives for a week tomorrow, so won’t be around here for a while.

A few swift highlights of the last few days:

  • The kids had a fantastic session at Kids Club this morning, where they made a go-kart!

  • Leo’s Kids Club yesterday was also good. He modelled a Troodon emerging from its egg, out of clay
  • Yesterday afternoon we popped to the library, where Leo picked up one of his reservations, and borrowed another book to bring on holiday
  • Pearl had a friend round this afternoon, for a lovely play, then moved on to her Woodcraft session – also fun. They’ve decided on a campsite for a spring adventure next month.
  • Meanwhile, Leo and I made two batches of chocolate fairy cakes – some vegan, some not. All yummy, and coming with us on the train tomorrow!
  • Allie and Leo finished Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters, and Pearlie and I finished The Mystery of the Cupboard. We’ll have a gap in bedtime stories while we’re away, as the kids are sharing a room in the holiday house, so that’s good timing all round.

To keep you going while we’re away, here’s a picture of Bunny (taken by Leo) and a lovely daffodil (taken by Pearlie).


Nic said...

Have a lovely break all of you. Hope the weather is fab and look forward to hearing about it when you come back :).

Lynn said...

Enjoy your holiday,recharge and have fun.

Gill said...

Hope you have a fab break and some great weather! xx

Liza said...

Leo showed me his troodon and egg, it was very good!
Great daffodil pic from Pearlie!

Have a lovely time x

Dani said...

Thanks all. We are back - will blog properly soon.

Pearlie told me while we were away that the photo of the daffodil wasn't taken by her at all but by her friend R! Lovely photo, anyway.