Thursday, March 06, 2008

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I found yesterday a bit draining. I was on the rota as parent helper at Kids’ Club, which was fine. The sunny weather meant outdoor play – drawing life size outlines of dinosaurs, in chalk, on the ground. But it was chilly and at times I felt my lack of ability in handling ups and downs in groups of kids.

I rushed off to work for a presentation by a supplier. Had to leave that early (which is embarrassing when someone has travelled miles to give you their spiel) to do an enquiry desk session with new colleague. Spent a while floundering when trying to find source of quote by Francis Bacon (why do we mess things up when we’re being watched?), only to have it rejected by student as ‘too old’. Entirely my fault for not checking that student had vague notion of who Francis Bacon was when she presented me with the quote in the first place. Ho Hum.

During the evening, as I battled with inbox and heap in my post tray, I was afflicted with sneezes. It was odd – great bouts of sneezing for no apparent reason. At least it was entertaining for my colleagues. Librarians are easily amused. Anyway, staggered through to end of day and we went to bed when the kids did. After ten hours of sleep I feel ok(ish) – just a bit congested.

Dani and the kids had a bit of a stressful afternoon too. A sudden row disrupted plans to go swimming. All was calm by the time I got home. Pearlie had plaited herself a lovely bracelet out of embroidery silks and finished it with a home-made paper bead.

Tuesday was a good day. Kids each had an individual session at Squeezebox, as the rest of their band members are away this week. I spent half an hour reading to Leo, while P had her lesson. I spent half an hour doing fractions with Pearl, while Leo had his lesson. We looked very LEA approved…(joke, joke, I know we don't need approval.)

Leo had a super time playing Primeval with friends, in the park. Pearlie came home with a friend as they were both too cold – and played in her room. She set up a cable car for her Sylvanians. Leo went to Little Green Pig, where he wrote limericks, apparently. This led to limericks over the dinner table in the evening. I have to be watched or they get rude. Well, if you have a family member called Dani…

Monday included a trip to the grandmothers’ for Leo. Pearlie bought a new notebook – something that keeps happening here! She’s enjoying having a new blog. Thanks to all who’ve paid her a visit. Oh, yeah, and I went to town in search of jeans. D and I have a night out planned. I got a pair of brand new Levi’s in a charity shop for a fiver. This was after I almost laughed in the face of spaghetti-shaped sales assistant in the Gap. Here’s a tip for all such beings:

“Woman of thirty seven years, who is five foot nothing, with big bum, is not interested in skinny jeans.”


Gill said...

Hey, we've been doing sums too! It must be national autonomous sums week ;-)

I didn't realise your job was ever stressful. I imagine you drifting around the library, blissfully serene all the time. Hmm. Funny what silly ideas people get about other people's lives!

I hope today was nicer for you all :-)

Allie said...

Oh, it isn't really stressful - not when compared to a grumpy day with two kids! It's just time for a break. Luckily, we're having one next week.