Sunday, March 02, 2008

Sunday 2nd March 2008

We were woken at about 8.10am by both the children. We got wonderful presents for Mothers' Day. Pearlie had gone to town alone to shop for them – and she’d done a wonderful job. Dani got two balls of wool and I got a new Ruth Rendell book and a pen. Pearlie is so grown up these days and it was lovely that she had taken the lead role in the shopping – something Leo couldn’t have done in secret, yet.

Once we were up I went over to my mum and partner’s house to give them some gifts. I’d made my mum a little box of selected photos of loved ones – and bought her partner some gardener’s soap. Part of what I want to say on this day is thanks for all their help and support over the year – so I don’t see why my mum’s partner should be left out!

I went on to work for the rest of the day.

Dani and the kids met up with another family for a play in the park. This went well, apparently, and the kids are keen to play with those kids again.

Everyone got a bit overwrought just before tea – which was certainly hunger. Dani made brown rice and mixed veg sauce. Pearlie doesn’t eat the sauce but she has peas mixed in and some raw veg as well. I felt the need for pudding so I made a banana cake. We all had two pieces and the kids fell into bed. I’m hoping to follow soon…

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Gill said...

Mothers day with 2 mums? (Wait - 4! with your mum and her partner!) That's pretty cool IMO :-)