Sunday, March 30, 2008


It’s been a fab weekend here.

On Friday night, Dani and Pearl went to see friends in a gig. They did very well, apparently. While they were there, Leo and I went to the cinema to see The Spiderwick Chronicles. I remember reading those to Leo several years ago and not being hugely impressed. But, the film was very good indeed. The creatures were brilliantly done and it was well acted. I was particularly pleased to find it had Mary Louise Parker in it. Leo has re-read most of one of the ones we own, in a single sitting, this evening. He also spent some birthday money on a little book based on the movie. During the weekend he has also made himself a beautiful little Field Guide – like the one in the story. He’s written little descriptions of various creatures and done drawing to go with each.

On Saturday, I had to go to work. Dani and the kids had friends A and C to play. They had a great time playing at home and making mud soup in the park. I came home to excited kids performing rather strange little sketches for the adults.

Today I didn’t have to work because the uni term doesn’t start again until tomorrow. Dani and I have decided we have done all the painting we can face and declared our room finished so we spent some time tidying and organising. I am so happy that we now have this finished room – four walls, door, everything!

Dani's Kandinsky picture finds a wall - at last!

I have decided that the green isn't showing through - I hope! It took three coats of yellow.

It isn't suffering to badly from boxitis. Or, if it is, at least they are tidy...

In the afternoon we popped round to see local cousins S and D. My brother was struggling with a curtain rail. We drank tea and chatted to S and D’s mum. Pearlie and her cousin S were devising codes based on different number bases. This isn’t something we’ve ever talked about much but P picked it up quickly and wrote a list of numbers in base three up to thirty. Leo and cousin D did some lovely dragon drawing. When all the kids had gone outside and got muddy, we came home.

I made roast spuds, steamed broccoli and carrots, frozen peas and green beans, tinned sweetcorn and cold Quorn chicken for tea. No matter how many roast potatoes are made they are all, always, eaten! It's been a great day for veg eating here. Pearlie was thrilled to find Lamb's Lettuce at lunchtime and Leo declared the tea-time broccoli 'delicious'.

While I was cooking, the others played a game Leo was given for his birthday – Sardines. It is a visual memory game so P walked it. She can just remember what she sees. I think it was about eighteen months ago that she memorised all the flags of the world. I wonder how many she can still remember?

Dani is working away on this massive blanket project that will apparently use up lots of wool. It is looking wonderful.

Pearlie blogged tonight, which involved the scanning in of photos. Check out her blog.

OK, got to watch The English Patient. I went through a real Michael Ondaatje phase before the movie was made and didn’t expect to like the film. But it is very captivating to watch – especially Kristen Scott Thomas.


'EF' x said...

Thanks for the reminder about the Spiderwick film, our Meadow loved the books so it's a must see. Mmmm, so will have to break my rule about not 'spoiling' the book by seeing the film, LOL.

I hope Dani will publish a blanket progress report on Knitting Notes!

Alex said...


I found your blog at random reading Lucy's By Other Means. Just wanted to introduce myself and say hello really.
I'm Alex, I'm 17 and vegetarian and I run a vegetarian website for teenagers at
I love your blog. Your archives brought back some fond memories of the Woodcraft Folk, which I used to be part of. And Brighton too. Haven't been there in ages.

Take care...

Gill said...

I've never heard of Spiderwick - obviously a hole in our cultural awareness here! Love The English Patient though - one of my favourite films. You room looks fab! Definitely *yellow*