Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Tuesday 1st April

I just tried a rubbish April Fool (involving presence of a squirrel in the basement window) and Leo looked at me.

“Is that meant to be an April Fool, or something?”

Ho hum.

I’m feeling a bit throaty and tired today. Weather is gloomy and I have to take kids to Squeezebox later, when what I really want to do is go back to bed. Never mind.

Yesterday was full of little bits and bobs – here’s some of them…

Leo’s toy remote control flying dino arrived. He bought it with an Amazon voucher he was sent for his birthday (thank you to K,N,S,G). I had to spend a lot of time launching it across his bedroom while he crashed it into the furniture - or crashing it into the furniture for him. We did a bit of Leo’s maths book but he was more in the mood for making me launch dinosaurs, unfortunately. P was at Kids' Club.

Then we popped in at the end of P’s Kids' Club session. I admired the beautiful sand village that several of the kids had collaborated on. I also bought a magazine that all the kids had made. We had a meeting and Dani arrived when she finished work. Leo spent most of the time sitting on a grassy bank, working on a new Field Guide.

In the afternoon, I took both the kids down to a local park while D had rest. She’s got this throaty thing too. As I watched them play on the climbing equipment, I was slightly shaken by the sheer enormity of our children. I know they’re actually very slight compared to most of their contemporaries but they just looked so grown up.

Pearlie came home to find her cousin S and Leo and I went on into town to hunt for a book that he wanted to buy with some birthday money. It took a lot of hunting but we found it. He's been reading it pretty much constantly since we got home.

I dropped L back with Dani and went off to the delights of B&Q. Time was when I didn’t go to B&Q for years on end. Now I seem to live there. I had to buy a new shower head for our bathroom as we’d managed to crack the old one (probably by repeatedly dropping it into the bath) and some bathroom sealant.

After tea (when P and L had a dispute over the only bit of broccoli) I did a little bit of crack filling in P’s shower. I think that the fact that the whole room is build in a plywood box means that it is a bit mobile so we’ll always have to keep an eye on it.

Once the kids were in bed, we did boring banking stuff. I am very lazy at this job and tend to let Dani do it. As she set up the spreadsheets, she can do it much quicker, but that is no excuse really, so I did it. We spent a rather scary amount of money being on holiday.

Everyone seems to be feeling rather floppy today. Time to get on…


Lynn said...

Hope your all feeling less floppy soon;-)

Grit said...

oh no! banking!! this usually involves me hiding behind the sofa, only to be lured out with an indian take-away! i hate banking nights!!

Carlotta said...

We've all had floppy days recently, which am quite sure is linked to being throaty.

Have now decided to go with the flow and just sat out in the sun at an HE meeting today while children played in stream. Feeling almost burnt but otherwise much better!

Anonymous said...

Scarey money being spent unavoidable on holidays! Just a day out seems to break the bank.

Well done for doing the banking stuff. I don't even open my bank statements any more. Now THAT is grown up ;)

EF x

(Is me, but am signing with anon option)

Gill said...

"Just a day out seems to break the bank." Yes! When did everything suddenly get so expensive??!