Saturday, May 17, 2008

Books and burbles

I can’t be bothered to catch up. So, what shall I blog about?

How about a bit about books? I’m currently reading Pearlie Halfmoon Investigations, which is pacy and fun. Dani and Leo are sharing Percy Jackson and the Titan’s Curse. I’m not too sure what the kids are reading to themselves. Pearlie recently read The Hunger, another in the My Story series. Leo is, I think, still ploughing on to the end of the Amber Spyglass. He’s been quite diverted by Indiana Jones and is awaiting some spin-off book he’s bought on Amazon. We had a good conversation about racism and sexism after watching ‘Temple of Doom’ last weekend. Leo observed that women on tv and in films all seem to be like Barbie Dolls! Dani is reading The richness of life, which is very learned and not really my cup of tea. I’m writing more than reading right now – after running out of Ali Smith. Mind you, I’ve been dipping into Brilliant Careers: the virago book of 20th century fiction. Dani and I both read The Queen of Whale Cay too. That was an astonishing story.

I’m enjoying the kd lang album, Watershed, on my cheapo mp3 player. It’s a lovely summer album and I spent a joyful half hour sitting on the beach people watching, while listening to it, last week. The kids were at Squeezebox and I was able to be entirely alone. You know how, sometimes, the music in your ears runs like a soundtrack to the people around you? This young couple of women were on the beach, totally wrapped up in each other. Made me smile and took me back to lunch-hour encounters in my youth!

There’s not much else to report here. Kids went to the dentist and all was well. Pearlie lost a big, back tooth. She must have nearly run out of milk teeth now. Leo seems to have hit something of a plateau in tooth changing. The dentist said they might have to take out some milk teeth to kick start some more coming through. I think we’ll just wait. He is probably going to hit the family curse of big teeth in small jaw, which leads to an overcrowded mess – hence my buck teeth.

The kids and I got free Flakes in town today. We even went back and got seconds. Pearlie took off her cardigan and Leo his hat, so they wouldn’t recognise us!

Oh yeah, here’s a little witticism from our area. We live near a pub called The Constant Service. It is named after the introduction of a piped water system to the area – rather ironically, I’ve always thought. Anyway, bit by bit, letters have been going missing from the name. Last week, someone managed to arrange the remaining ones to re-christen the pub Vices Cost.

I can’t blame drink for my recent inability to speak properly, though I did have a rare bottle of beer with my tea tonight. But the other morning I looked intently into Leo’s face and asked:

“Will you be alright with bare teeth?”

I did, rather unsurprisingly, mean feet, not teeth. What is sad is that I can remember my mum making similar verbal stumbles in my childhood and I’d think, “what IS the matter with her, why can’t she just say what she means?” I’ve learned the hard way that it is the creeping of age.


Nic said...

Lol at 'bare teeth'. We have a pub near us which has letters lost and rearanged regularly too, I can't recall what it says at the moment but it always reminds me of Fawlty Towers and the 'fatty owls' and 'farty twats' in the opening credits :).

Merry said...

I actually can't get my girls' names to come out of my mouth correctly anymore. You'd think i would get it right a 1/4 of the time... but no...

Minnie said...

The number of times that I've been so exasperated with my kids, especially the boys and completely forgotten their names! I go through a whole list of names...usually the pets' first and still can't get it right. Have often ended up muttering 'Oh, who ever you are!" How embarrassing is that? Then, being as they now tower over me... I get a pat on the head and they inform me that all will be better in the morning!!

Grit said...

i think the letters 'lost' on public signage is a splendid testimony to the power of literacy. near us we have a canal museum. until someone stole the letter c.

Anonymous said...

My brains been mash for years now and I rarely get the names right. What bothers me is the patient way members of family stand waiting until I nearly get it right (next eldest perhaps and not a cat) and they don't prompt me. They also have this wincing pained look in their eyes as I struggle around words and then go "O F***! Whatever!" and stamp off.

Sometimes i think the world would be a better place if we practised non verbalism.

EF x

Allie said...

Canal museum with missing c is fantastic. I think you'd get quite a different kind of customer. Could be something of a shock for the ladies selling tea towels in the gift shop...

As a child I answered to 'JoMiBiAllie', which was a sort of run through of names, ending at mine. Yes, I was youngest of four.