Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Boy on a Bike!!

We’ve had a busy weekend here. I was, sadly, at work on Saturday and Sunday afternoons but we did enjoy a day together yesterday.

Saturday was the Children’s Parade that kicks off the Brighton Festival.

Pearl and Leo weren’t taking part this time but they, and Dani, went to watch cousins and friends. The theme was children’s games and there were some fab constructions. After the parade they went to the beach and met this lovely hermit crab.

We watched Dr Who in the evening and ate roast dinner.

On Sunday, Leo had a friend round to play. They had a great time playing with all his toys and then played games on the Doctor Who website. Pearlie went with uncle and cousins to the family beach hut. I struggled a bit with being at work because I was battling a migraine. Dani has been doing lots of writing/thinking about local authority home ed stuff that is still ongoing. I’ve been doing my best to share that work but my head made it hard to stay up late.

We gave ourselves a lovely, family day on Monday. It was beautiful weather and we went across town to the best park for cycling. Pearlie enjoyed buzzing around on her new bike and Leo, who has inherited Pearlie’s old bike, learned to ride! We managed to forget to have the camera with us, which is a shame. Leo did wonderfully well. He never rode tricycles as a toddler, and found steering and balance a big challenge when he started riding a scooter. But, last year he got really good on the scooter and I think the balance skills were very useful. Within an hour on the bike, he was able to keep riding when Dani started him off. Within two hours he was doing the whole thing – starting, riding, and stopping without falling off. HOORAY!

After a few hours in the park, we walked home and had showers/baths and rest. It was real sweaty summer weather! In the evening we went down to the travelling fair that comes a couple of times a year. The kids went on a few rides and hooked a Tweenies character to get a teddy.

Here's some anti-car chalking that has appeared out side our door ;-)

Right, got to get dressed before Ocado arrive with the shopping...


Nic said...

Yay, well done Leo. Hoping D will crack riding a bike this summer too.

Gill said...

Big congrats to Leo! Major milestone :-)

Liza said...

I tried saying Well Done Leo last night but the comment wouldn't submit so I said it at kids club today instead