Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Enjoying my leave

I had a day off today and missed the discovery of an unexploded 2nd ww bomb on the campus!

But, anyway, we had a lovely day. Leo went to Kids’ Club this morning and had a good time doing some treasure island themed things and playing with his chums. Pearlie and I popped to town to get a pressie for a friend of hers and them came home to brush up our division skills with an MEP book.

We met Dani at the cycling park, once she had finished work. It was wonderful weather and both the kids had a great time cycling about the place.

Pearlie took some beautiful photos of things like bluebells and damsel flies - but I'll let her blog those. Leo got more and more confident and was whizzing off, away from us, in no time.

Yesterday deserves a quick mention. Kids had Squeezebox sessions and Leo went to Green Pig writing group. We also spent a few hours in the park with lots of home edders and scoffed cafe treats.

We are having lots of great conversations at the mo but I can’t remember any details to blog, I’m afraid!

Our new tent arrived today. It is wonderfully old fashioned looking object with the kind of poles that tents had in my childhood, rather than the spindly things they have these days. We need to find some time to get to a park in a quiet moment so we can have a go at pitching it.


Alex said...


Glad to see you back. I've missed your blog. It's such a pain when computers go down, isn't it, but we do seem to rely on them too much these days. And Pearl's birthday pics are fantastic.


Liza said...

I guess it arrived if you got her to leave the house?

Allie said...

Nope, we're still waiting for a certain delivery! I misled you, by the way, she ordered a shuffle.

Thanks for your comment, Alex. Care to tell us a bit about yourself?

That goes for anyone else out there who's reading too!

Liza said...

ah ok, i was tempted by the purple shuffle. hope it arrives soon!

tell you bout me.. hmmm, i think you know enough already ;)
however i will tell you that i have a bloody awful headache so i'm stuck at home to avoid sunlight

Alex said...

Tell you a bit about myself?

Well, I'm 17 and vegetarian and I'm from Leeds. I started using recipes from and found Lucy's home ed blog, through which I found yours.

I've not been home-edded myself and am right in the middle of AS Levels in German, English and Psychology but I've not had a great school experience, being a bit of an outsider and I've been interested in home ed for a while. That's why I read all these blogs, I'm so nosy!

I've set up too, a vegetarian website and do a lot of veggie and animal campaigning.

Thanks for such a great blog,


Allie said...

Ah, yes, Alex, I do remember now! *Blushes*

I would still like to hear from some others out there - if anyone feels chatty.

Liza, bad day for a headache - hope it feels better soon. Dani had a vision disturbance yesterday, first time in nine years, after a stressful meeting. I think the heat is a bit of a shock to us all after the lack of spring!