Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Pearlie and I went for a lovely bike ride on Monday. We’d planned to do it straight after Kids Club, and I’d taken the last hour off my morning’s work, so that we could get away a bit earlier, and then we heard that a new home ed art group was starting that day, at 12.30. We talked about it and decided to go anyway, after the art group.

We went by train to Berwick, then followed National Cycle Route 2 down to Exceat, where the visitors centre for the Seven Sisters Country Park is. We carried on beside the wiggly river, to the sea. Altogether, we cycled about 11 miles.

We saw horses, sheep and cows, hundreds of rabbits, and a fox ran straight across the road in front of us. The weather was glorious. We cycled along very quiet roads, overhung with green branches, surrounded by birdsong. We saw the Long Man of Wilmington and a white horse carved into a hill in the distance.

Pearlie dipped her feet in the river when we got there, and delightedly spotted little fish and shrimps in the water. On the way back up the river from the sea, we talked about why rivers have fresh water and sea water is salty, and she tasted the water every now and then, to see how long it took to change.

We folded up our bikes and took the bus home. Lovely.


Nic said...

Sounds blissful, lovely pictures.

Roslyn said...

I love that cycle route. We found a crab on the path last month.