Sunday, May 25, 2008

Just love the buzz

On Friday night we went to see Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. It was good, silly fun. I was pleased to see Marion back and the kids thought it suitably scary.

On Saturday afternoon we went to see the fabulous TomTom Club performing in a huge purple cow – the Udderbelly, which is here for the Brighton Festival. The TomTom Club was fantastic – very high energy and exciting. We only paid for tickets to one festival event this year but I’m glad we chose this one as I think it will stay with us all.

After the show we went to see some of the free acts performing as part of the International Buskers day. Leo and I saw a Canadian man catch a cabbage on a special spiky helmet. We all watched a nice clown type of guy who did his act in character rather well. We checked out the Giant squid Farm that had sprung up near the library and Dani watched a strong woman.

The only down side of the day was that I was battling a migraine, which had been exacerbated by weird lighting, loud noise and heat during the TomTom Club and then the bright sunshine outside. We had to pop up to the shopping centre to get a birthday pressie for someone and after that I found I could barely talk and needed to sleep.

After a restorative nap, I settled down with the others to watch Eurovision. It was the usual bizarre affair. I liked Iceland – pretty boy Euro pop. Dani liked a woman singing a peace song – from Georgia, I think. Leo liked the pirates from Latvia and Pearlie the surreal duo from Bosnia. But none of ours won. That accolade went to a man from Russia who was in located in a rather hazardous position between an ice-skater and fiddle player.

While the early stages of the voting were happening, we turned the sound down and played our latest game – Taboo. This is a game that Dani and I bought a couple of years before P was born and loved at the time. The kids are suddenly old enough to play it and they are really enjoying it. The kids do very well and it is great for fits of giggles. There are a few cards that they just don't know but we just skip those.

Sadly, I woke this morning with the migraine enjoying a come back! I was really struggling to function but managed to get in to work. A combination of lots of painkillers, mint chewing gum and very slow walking in the fresh air helped it abate. Work was ok as I took things pretty slowly and tried not to react to the Time of the Year Panic which is in the air!

While I was at work, Dani and the kids enjoyed some more local art houses. They saw papier-mâché people by Eve Turner-Lee, paper planes by Hannah,some lovely little birds made of clay by someone whose name they didn’t record and photographs by Lauren Chavin and Andy Deighton. Pearlie was very taken with some cardboard lampshades by Tabitha Bargh.

When they got home, they dug all the soil out of one of the lab sinks in our garden so that we can make a little pond. Cousin S has recently done this and P, in particular, is keen for us to have a go.

When I got home we ate a rather strange tea of bits and bobs and played more Taboo. Then we watched the singing Nancies on BBC 1 and Have I Got News for You on i-player.

Oh, yeah, and the new circuit breaker did its thing last night when they kettle died. Thank goodness, we have just purchased a little travel kettle for camping so the tea flows on...

I was thinking yesterday that life in Brighton is so very tasty – well-seasoned with exciting events and lively people all year round. There’s always something to look forward to and chat about. It is easy to spend money but there’s also lots that doesn’t cost – or cost much. The place is littered with artists and I just love the buzz.


Anonymous said...

Brighton sounds so ace. So much going on.

Breaking news for hereabouts today:

Tree Falls in Forest...ants forced to reroute.


EF x

Allie said...

Ah, but you wouldn't have it any other way, would you?