Thursday, May 29, 2008

Looking like migraine for the boy too

This morning, I spent some time writing a very short, short story. I ate a quick lunch and went to work for a busy afternoon and evening.

Dani took the children to town this morning. They bought some tickets for the next Squeezebox Rocks gig on June 14th, picked up some pebbles for our tiny, new pond, looked at some art and then went round to cousins for lunch. They spent the afternoon playing with cousins, but Leo was complaining, intermittently, about a headache.

By the time they came home at about six he was feeling rough enough to crash out on his bed. Dani gave him a drink and painkillers but he felt too rough to eat. Then, at about 7.30pm, he was on his way down to tell Dani he felt strange in his tummy, when he realised he’d have to stop off at the loo to throw up. By the time I got home from work, at about 8.30pm, he’d eaten a Quorn burger and was gradually pinking up again! This is the second time, fairly recently, that Leo has had a headache that has built to a peak and then resolved with a throwing up incident. It is so migraine like that I think that is what must be happening. He has no fever and it’s not a vomiting bug, because it just happens once and no-one else catches it.

I think we might go to the GP and see what they can prescribe for him. He’ll have to learn to take the drug early enough and/or stop what he’s doing and rest in a peaceful place if he’s going to recover quicker and/or not have to throw up. And we have to start getting clear about what his triggers are so we can try to avoid attacks altogether. It seems quite clear that eating regularly is important – no getting too hungry and no quick release carb feasts. I’m sure that’s what happened today – he got hungry and then had (white) pasta and cake. So, we need to start watching that stuff and finding him good foods to keep his blood sugar stable. Ho hum, there’s many worse things he could suffer with and I have read some stuff that says he may well grow out of it. Let’s hope so.


Liza said...

Poor Leo :(
I had my first migraine when I was pregnant, horrible things, hate to think of a little person suffering from them. fingers crossed that they don't become a regular occurance.

Jenny said...

Chloe used to get Migraines. The GP prescribed Pizotifen which was taken daily and was very effective. Her migraines became rare.
Its horrible watching them suffer isnt it?

HelenHaricot said...

i still remember my first migraine as a child. it does sound very migranous to me to. poor leo.